COVID-19 Update: How can coronavirus be treated?

Apr 26


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Amid the disease that has been spreading like a wildfire, questions have been arising like can coronavirus be treated? The answer is a strong YES. If the symptoms of disease coronavirus 2019 are developed and you have exposed yourself to the virus then one must immediately connect with their doctor. Let’s understand can coronavirus be treated.

You need to mention your travel history with your doctor and the areas you have been to specifically as the coronavirus is a disease that spreads in the community quickly. It is also necessary to mention getting close to any person who has already been tested positive with COVID-19.


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There are various factors that helps to decide if it is important to test for COVID-19 as it will majorly depend on the area you live. Based on the location, you will be screened at the local clinic and then it will be determining if the test is available and appropriate.

While in the United States, the doctors are determining whether to take a test for coronavirus depending on the symptoms and signs along with your closeness with any previously diagnosed COVID-19 person or probably if you have traveled lately. Doctors also check if you have been visiting the area where already community spread is going on in last 14 days.


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Let's talk about the most important part, which is treatment. Can coronavirus be treated? While the answer is yes, there are no medication for antiviral that is recommended for a positive COVID-19 person. The treatment is done on relieving conditions that include acetaminophen or ibuprofen (both are Pain relievers), medication or Cough syrup, Fluid intake, and resting.

Treatment can be done at home as well which most of the doctors are recommending to people who are showing only mild symptoms as they can be easily recovered at home. The doctors might give you instructions that will help you to monitor your own symptoms so that you don't further spread the illness.

Support and Coping

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It is common for people due to coronavirus news around to feel anxious and fearful. One must be worried about self and those who get sick. This is an important time to manage stress and care about yourself and others in your family. It is essential to get good amount of sleep, eat healthily, involved in physical activity such as Yoga, home workout, and so on.

You can also try exercises which are good for relaxation such as meditation, breathing, and stretching. Avoid reading or watching social media or news all the time. Stay connected virtually with your family and friends with video calls, phone calls, and social media. Watch funny movies, read books that interest you, cook food, try DIY at home which you always wanted to.

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