COVID-19 Update: Coronavirus Without Symptoms Can Also Spread

Apr 21

New Studies

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The concerns that are surrounding COVID-19 are ease of spreading the virus. While people are focusing on isolating coronavirus showing patients, there are latest studies proving that even coronavirus without symptoms can also help in spreading the virus.

While more than 80% of cases of COVID-19 are showing mild exhibit symptoms, Joseph Khabbaza complicating the matters mentions that there are people who haven't shown any symptoms that would be evident to coronavirus for about two weeks.

There are no symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, cough, and sore throat that can show even common cold or flu in a person can also be a COVID-19 infected and during the outbreak earlier there were many people who didn't realize about carrying this virus.

Initial Spread

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One of the studies mentioned its observation in China when coronavirus without symptoms spread and found people who had virus showed only symptoms that are mild but they helped to spread the virus-like a wildfire.

Another study used a model of mathematical that simulated the initial stage when the coronavirus actually spread in hundreds of people throughout the cities. There are researchers who stated that 86% of people were infected prior to the first month of 2020 and when the CDC issued a warning to Wuhan it was already on Level 3.

There are various cases still undocumented that showed no symptoms or mild symptoms and yet they were carriers of COVID-19 and exposed it to a great portion of the country to coronavirus.

No Symptoms

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A study in Japan is proven that COVID-19 carriers underscore with no symptoms. The cruise ship got under the focus of Diamond Princess that was kept in quarantine in the first week of February 2020 while it discovered a coronavirus passenger without symptoms tested positive.

Out of 3,063 testing results, 634 was found positive in quarantined passengers. As per estimation, about 17.9% of patients who were positive were showing absolutely no symptoms. Dr. Khabbaza mentioned in his studies that following government instructions and agencies of medical are important to take protective measures.

Stay Home

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While there are so many cases of coronavirus without symptoms proven, it is actually impossible for even doctors to test how many of them might be truly having this virus at this moment. The reality will make preventive measures to be more necessary.

To understand the problem, this coronavirus is basically an airborne virus that is spread by droplets of respiratory and it can be transferred from one to another by sneezes, coughs, or talking standing close to another person. Doctors have advised keeping at least a distance of six feet. Hence distancing physically is important amid this virus.


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Wearing a cloth over your face in public is recommended by CDC and especially anywhere you feel maintaining a distance of six feet isn't possible. Even if you think, you are not carrying any virus it is still important to wear a cloth on the face because many studies have proven that coronavirus can be spreader without showing any symptoms at all.

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