COVID-19 Update: Coronavirus Can Transfer or Live on Food?

Apr 17, 2020

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Can food coronavirus live on food?

Since the pandemic has been spreading among humans like a wildfire, there have been various questions arising such as can food coronavirus live on food? This is the question that might have to navigate your mind. This is important because while many of us are quarantined at home, people tend to involve in cooking or might order food online amid this COVID-19 Update.

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A professor named Benjamin Chapman, who is also a safety and food specialist at the state university of North Carolina answered can food coronavirus live on food. He says that they haven't come across any such evidence that packaging of food or food itself could be a source for someone getting coronavirus. 

While the professor is very clear that there is a lot of information that is yet to be revealed regarding the coronavirus and its causes, as per the spreading of the disease is concerned the food isn't at risk.

Experts Study

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The Chapman also made it clear that the information might get changed over a certain amount of time as more data and insight become available. As per the insight is revealed by COVID-19 Update is that the only source of spreading the coronavirus is human to human contact that too via sneezes or coughs as per the CDC. Can food coronavirus live on food have been clearly answered by the experts, it is theoretically proven that it can be transmitted if someone touches the surface that already has been contaminated.

If someone touches their mouth, nose, or eyes after touching that surface then it might spread while can food coronavirus live on food is not proven. Does the question arise why the food is not contaminated with a human touch? Firstly, the safety measures that involve in cooking is already more than enough to prevent any illness as the person cooking the food washes their hands frequently, utensils, clean surface and so on. All these steps reduce the coronavirus particles to transfer through food.

Biology Factor

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Another reason that answers can food coronavirus live on food is the biology factor of coronavirus. It can't last for weeks on the surface which is characteristic of other viruses that are foodborne like norovirus. As there are new studies on COVID-19 Update that found coronavirus to last for a long time. Another good news regarding the COVID-19 update is that this is a kind of virus that cannot stay in the stomach, says Professor Chapman.

Given that, it is not impossible to get infected through food as there is always a possibility while the best decision for risk management is to rely on evidence and science and currently there is no evidence proving in the area of food. Getting food delivered at home is probably the safest option because of the heightened awareness in the food business, workers are already discretion about safety.

Without pandemic also it is a good idea to wash and rinse vegetables and fruits with water that helps to remove pesticides, dirt, and debris which can be practiced even now amid the pandemic.

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