Could Hydroxychloroquine Really Be An Answer?

Apr 25

Could Hydroxychloroquine Really Be An Answer?

Accosting to the fast rising pandemic around the globe; coronavirus, there has not been enough research towards finding its cure. Scientists from different nations worldwide have at random haphazard conduct screening of thousands of already existing drugs to identify any that might obstruct the infection.  

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A lot of drugs had shown initial promises to fight the SARS-Co-2 virus when it had just appeared. These drugs are still in labs for further evaluation as possible COVID-19 possible treatments. Up to date, there has been no consensus to justify the effectiveness and safety of these drugs for treating coronavirus. 


Compared to other drugs, Hydroxychloroquine has received the most publicity and attention. However, there is no solid proof that there any drug, so far, that can prevent or cure the coronavirus infection. People are helpless and frightened by the increasing death toll caused, and hence try to be optimistic that there is something that can stop it. 

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The US president, Donald Trump has touted distinct drugs that he is certain they can aid to come to grips with the outpouring of the increasingly and deadly coronavirus. Through a press conference, he attached weight to the use of Hydroxychloquine, and aforementioned that it will bring down Covid-19, 

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It is not yet proven how the hydrochloroquines, a drug that has been in existences for decades and used in treatment for malaria, and other diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, would go against the coronavirus. Plasmodium parasites cause malaria, and is spread to humans by mosquitoes. On the other hand, SARS-Co-2 virus causes COVID-19.

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Parasitic infections are very different from viral infections, hence it is a blur expectation to expect what would do for one to be as effective on the other. A study tested shows Hydrochloquineshas the ability to strengthen the cells’ resistance from the coronavirus. But this antimalarial drug is not extensively strong enough because ultimately it does not show adequate engagement to be further considered. 

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On a positive angle, Hydroxychloroquine can prevent the virus from infecting the cell by changing its acidity on its surface. It is also proven and tested that chloroquine is beneficial to activate and boost the immune response of the body. Nevertheless, both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquinehave plenty of side effects and some of them even deadly. 

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Some of the side effects of using hydroxychloroquine include diarrhea, nausea, skin rashes and sudden mood change. In addition to that it is also highly harmful to people with kidney or liver diseases, eyes illness and abnormal heart rhythms.

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It is wrong for anyone, diagnosed of any disease, to consume a drug that is not proven scientifically by a verified certified research farm to be effective and safe for a condition or disease for which it disapproves. Many issues can arise from this, from serious toxicity to side effects, or even death. 


As much as we all want some ray of hope, it is also important to not cling on this hypothesis that hydroxychloroquine is the prevention and cure remedy to COVID-19. The best we can do at this point is to avoid the infection as much as possible by practicing to the later the quarantine measures that are recommended by the public health authorities. 


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