Coronavirus Pandemic Curves

Apr 16

How can Coronavirus pandemic curves affect your life?

We all know that this pandemic has hit the inner parts of our society, which was always having an outgoing profile with people transporting freely to any place in the world. Now the security measures for the non-proliferation of the new coronavirus have introduced a new situation for people worldwide giving more time for epidemiologists to influence the public discussion and debates.

In this article, it would be wise to know some basic things about the epidemic curves that I am sure you have listened about the past few weeks. 

What is an epidemic curve?

Epidemiologists are doctors who have studied Biostatistics as well. They are always plotting diagrams to show the public what is the spread of the virus in a certain society and which is the trend for the epidemic. New computer tools are helping them to note their inputs from the health authorities where every new coronavirus incident is registered in detail.

Then all data are getting loaded in a software program where you can see the curved line that depicts the number of new incidents in the general population as time passes by. Day zero has been the day when the very first registered incident of coronavirus has been identified by health authorities.

The software can also extrapolate the findings to the future so that the epidemic trends can be successfully controlled and the government can take serious decisions about public health.

What are the findings from pandemic curves?

First, the epidemic (pandemic) curves, are all giving precious information about the spread of the coronavirus disease within the geographical limits of the country where the health system is valid for.

The shape of the curve can show scientists if the coronavirus pandemic has reached the peak proliferation point, which is the most important fact to know when you want to know when to impose lockdown or you want to suspend the tough social distancing measures the government has taken.

The peak is always a sensitive part of the analysis since it shows the maximum number of new coronavirus incidents that day. Scientists believe that beyond that day, the daily reported incidents, as well as deaths from coronavirus, are going to decrease gradually. It is something that will enable the government officers to think about relieving some of the measures that have imposed the lockdown on society and contributed to freezing the economic activity and growth.

We all know that coronavirus pandemic has been the milestone of our generation. Pandemics appear only once in 100 years timeframe and we should be ready to impose severe measures so that the general population doesn't get sick at the same time, putting unbearable pressure on the public health systems.

The pandemic curves remain the most important tools for epidemiologists and government officials to decide about the extra measures they need to take, to protect the general public from further contamination. Coronavirus is the plague of our ages, but with epidemiology, we have the tools to deal with it.

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