Coronavirus Advice: Protect yourself from COVID-19

Apr 17

Protective Measures

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It is essential for people to stay conscious of the latest updates about COVID-19 which are available on the official website on WHO and also follow the local and national health issues by the authority. While it is proven that most of the people get infected and experience only mild illness which can be recovered with time but they can actually transfer his to others which can lead to severe illness.

Coronavirus Advice

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Coronavirus is not a war that needs various armor and supplies instead the strategy is simple, keep it clean. Yes, cleanliness is essential when it comes to fight with the Coronavirus and hence the most important Coronavirus advice is to keeping washing your hands often. Not only frequently but also thoroughly with a handwash that is alcohol-based or even a regular soap and washing it off with water will do the trick.

Social Distancing

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We all have been hearing about this word "Social Distancing" but let's understand why it is important. It is suggested to keep at least a distance of one meter between anyone and yourself while sneezing and coughing. The reason is when you do either of it, there are liquid spray coming out of your mouth or nose in the form of droplets that contains coronavirus. If someone is standing too close then one can breathe in similar air where the droplets can include a virus. Thus, the coronavirus advice is to keep a certain amount of distance from other humans.

Respiratory Hygiene

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Practicing hygiene for your respiratory is important as this will help you to ensure that you and people around will follow good hygiene when it comes to respiratory. It is advisable to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or bended elbow while you sneeze or cough. Immediately dispose of the tissue paper that you have used. The virus spreads from one human to another with droplets and by the following hygiene for respiratory coronavirus advice, one can protect from getting flu, cold, or COVID-19.

Seek Early for Medical Care

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One should prefer staying home if felt unwell. If you find yourself having difficulty in the breath, cough or fever then immediately seek attention from medical officials and do call them before visiting so that they can prepare themselves to attend. Most importantly, follow the health authority instructions of your local area because they will analyze the situation and provide you with updated information. Calling the doctors before visiting them or the health center will ensure that they take necessary measures so that you can be taken care of quickly without spreading the virus in the hospital or healthcare department.

COVID-19 Updates

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One must stay updated on the information that concerns you the more for example if you are a diabetic patient then you should follow all the guidelines or if you are pregnant then you follow that including breastfeeding tips. One should simply visit the official website of WHO to gather this information.

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