Comparison of reMarkable and Onyx Boox Note

May 19

So far, many people's cognition of the function of e-readers has only stayed on "reading." However, the development of technology can often bring some freshness to the existing market.  The 10.3 inch screen professional  e-reader Onyx Boox Note launched by Chinese brand Onyx. The reMarkable paper tablet from Norwegian start-up. They developed a device, which can be used not only for reading but also for writing, sketching, drawing and etc.

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What is the experience of using these two products, which are professional large-screen e-readers that support handwriting? Which one will perform better? Let's make a comprehensive comparison of these two products.

Appearance: reMarkable digital paper tabler is more refined and more textured   

The body of reMarkable is pure white, the screen is flat, and three physical buttons are placed at the bottom. The edge of the device is plastic, the back is made of metal, the upper and lower edges of the back have two raised rubber strips to prevent wear and tear on the body. The whole tablet is very fine, very textured, and the appearance is absolutely good.

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Onyx Boox Note’s design is more formal than the standard. Using a two-color design, the front is a stable black, the bottom has only one button, the back is from a brown plastic shell. Unlike the reMarkable metal texture, Onyx Boox Note  uses a more delicate and smooth plastic material. It weighs only 325g, and compared with reMarkable which is 350g, Onyx Boox Note is slightly lighter.

Because Onyx Boox Note border design is narrower and the screen ratio is higher, it is also equipped with a 10.3-inch electronic ink screen. As you can see from the image below the Onyx Boox Note looks a little smaller than reMarkable.

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Configuration: Onyx Boox Note top hardware configuration has an absolute advantage

Regarding hardware specifications, reMarkable paper tablet has 8GB of internal storage (non-expandable memory) and 512MB of running memory. The ARM-based 1GHz A9 single-core processor drives a custom Linux system with a built-in wireless LAN. Configuration of the reMarkable does not seem to have any highlights. Onyx Boox Note uses a quad-core 1.6 GHz CPU, comes with a standard 32GB of internal storage (non-expandable memory) and 2GB of running memory. It is equipped with an open Android 6.0 version. Moreover, this is already a top-of-the-line product in the e-readers industry.

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From the hardware configuration point of view, these two products are not comparable. Onyx Boox Note’s comes with a quad-core processor, large storage space and have a large capacity battery. However, reMarkable's low allocation limits its function expansion, making the function settings very simple. We will discuss them in detail later.

Function: reMarkable is pure and simple, Onyx Boox Note is like an Android tablet

The features of the reMarkable are extremely simple and pure; it is a "paper tablet." What about the functionally!

Besides being rechargeable and networked, it is a replacement for paper and pencil books. There is no app store, no browser, no MP3, no web browsing, no sharing of entertainment features such as Weibo, Instagram, etc. It only has reading and writing functions, like paper.

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  Of course, as a paper book, reMarkable supports synchronizing notes to the company's cloud, and can also import files and books to read, modify or take notes. The native system supports both PDF and ePub file formats. Unlike the reMarkable, Onyx Boox Note runs an open Android 6.0 system. Onyx Boox Note has built-in Wi-Fi+Bluetooth 4.1, supports external speaker and microphone, can record, play music and send an email and etc. It is more diversified and feature-rich than reMarkable paper tablet.

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Also, Onyx Boox Note comes with a browser and an application market; you can directly download Kindle, palm reading, comics and other three-party applications from the application market. Moreover, you can use them directly after downloading.

Onyx Boox Note can also be imported into e-books or files to read and supports third-party synchronous backup notes such as the notes, the international version of Evernote, and Dropbox.

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Regarding support format, Onyx Boox Note supports up to twenty document formats, including several image formats and audio formats. Basically, common file formats are compatible also. Furthermore, for all formats of the file, multiple documents can be opened and switched at the same time, and support the side note mode of reading the annotations.

Read: Display results are comparable, Onyx Boox Note provides more PDF editing features.

The size and pixel resolution of reMarkable and Onyx Boox Note is the same. The difference between the two displays is small. They can display the content very sharply. The page is comfortable and natural, with clear layers and fine lines, especially for comics.

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In the reading and editing of PDF documents, reMarkable supports adding written comments, and does not support selected text highlighting. In addition to writing text comments, Onyx Boox Note can also scan and reorder PDF documents, crop pages, zoom in and out, split screens and etc. In particular, its split-screen function is ideal for those who like to read and write notes while reading, and the notes can be synchronized in the cloud or exported.

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Handwriting: reMarkable friction is more obvious, the line effect is more realistic

As the most important highlight of the handwriting function, I believe that you are more concerned about the handwriting experience of these two products.

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Due to the poor refresh rate of the e-reader screen, there is often a delay in writing. reMarkable achieves ultra-low writing delay through CANVAS patented technology, and the delay is only about 55 milliseconds.

In the writing experience, reMarkable provides a variety of handwriting functions such as ballpoint pens, pencils, pens, etc. The writing experience is very close to an ordinary pen and paper. Its 2048 professional pressure writing experience, which can even show the ordinary pencil rubbing on paper.

Effect. In addition, it also provides black, gray and white three color levels. Painting, sketch rendering effect is eye-catching!

Comparison of reMarkable and Onyx Boox Note image 13

Onyx Boox Note has also been greatly optimized in the handwriting function. The official promotion has 4096 professional pressure-sensitive writing effects. Regarding response speed and writing delay, the naked eye does not see obvious differences, but the reMarkable writing is better than Onyx Boox Note. It has more pronounced friction, the line effect is more realistic, and the painting is more effective!

Language: reMarkable does not have a Chinese system, however the Onyx Boox Note supports more than a dozen languages

Remarkable does not have a Chinese system, does not support Chinese fonts and Chinese input. This may be a problem for some domestic users. It does take a little time to slowly explore the English.

Comparison of reMarkable and Onyx Boox Note image 14

Onyx is a domestic brand, but its products are sold in many countries in Europe and America. That’s why there are more than ten languages supported by the system. Users from all countries can switch freely according to their needs. In contrast, at this point Onyx Boox Note is much more useful than reMarkable.

Biography: reMarkable import file operation is a bit cumbersome, Onyx Boox Note is simpler and faster

reMarkable does not support direct connection of data lines to copy files, only through wireless books. The drawback is that the book can not be completed without the network. When you transfer a book, you need to connect the data cable and connect to the network and open the corresponding web page to drag and drop files. Currently, only PDF and EPUB files are supported.

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In contrast, Onyx Boox Note’s way of passing books is much more convenient. It can be transmitted either through a locally connected data line or via the "send2box" bookstore. Wireless book transfer only needs to log in to your WeChat at the same time on the device side and the web page. Both methods are relatively simple and fast, and files of various formats can be directly opened after being imported.



Endurance: Onyx Boox Note is powered with better battery capacity

The reMarkable is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery. It can be used for about four to five days when the network and Bluetooth are turned off. It lasts for reading for 2 hours a day. The Onyx Boox Note has a built-in 4100m mAh large-capacity battery. In the same case, it can be used for one week or so, and the standby time is more than four weeks.Thus Onyx Boox Note is more powerful than remarkable regarding battery life.


Evaluation summary:

reMarkable is a tablet similar to "electronic paper". It has a single function and minimal style. It can be used to read e-books and PDF documents, support the annotation of reading content, and excel in the handwriting experience. The original design of reMarkable is “paper.” It provides users with a non-interfering electronic ink canvas, which is the pursuit of the most authentic paper-like reading experience. It is designed to replace the traditional position of paper and become a record for reading and notes.

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Onyx Boox Note also has the "paper" writing function, which users can use to read or use it as a blank notebook for writing and painting.It can highly restore the original handwriting of the user. Based on the powerful compatibility with Android 6.0 version system, Onyx Boox Note has some "tablet" functions. Combined with its high configuration of 4-core processor + 2GB storage + 32G storage space users can also download third-party applications. To expand its additional performance, the various operations are similar to Android phones.

Hope that our review was useful for you.

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