CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Titanium Watch Review

Apr 09, 2020

The CIGA Design Z-Series is designed to highlight the men's real love for complexity that provides outstanding performance and superb design. This watch has been awarded as a German Design Winner for 2020. This watch is one of the most complex and precise modern inventions that you can flaunt rather than hiding it under your sleeves.

Introducing the CIGA Design

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No doubt, men get fascinated with how beautifully complex engines work and mechanisms that are developed in a complicated way. This design is powered by Xiaomi Youpin that does not conceal the workings of the watch and show off something luxurious that is characterless instead this watch allows you to see the mechanics of this beautiful and precise working of the watch in open. This watch promotes nothing to hide the concept that shows a sophisticated fully transparent automatic timepiece that is made from Sapphire Crystal and Titanium.


Grade 2 Titanium Case

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The CIGA Design Z-Series Watch that is powered by Xiaomi Youpin, comes with various features and one of those features is Grade 2 Titanium Case. It contains the mechanics that are precise and one of the strongest and distinctive metal. 

Grade 2 Titanium provides unparalleled corrosion resistance which is 30% lighter and 40% stronger compared to other watches that are made with stainless steel. The durability allows you to wear this watch all day long and the weight doesn't stress you at all. Titanium is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly which is usually used for making jewelry, medical, and other industries.

 Automatic Movement

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The CIGA Design Z-Series Watch can be charged without any batteries with the help of Seagull AAA automatic self-winding mechanics. The watch gets charged with the help of your wrist's natural movement that literally provides energy and makes the gears and wheels move. It can store energy for 40 hours which is incredible, there is no winding needed manually and that's what makes this watch even more exciting.

Curved Sapphire Crystal Watch Face

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It is incredibly strong, smooth, and curvaceous that is how you want a watch to be like as the glass face of the CIGA Design Z-Series Watch is fashioned from hyperboloid 1.2mm artificial sapphire that provides an ultimate resistance for the scratch that is as strong as a diamond.

Apart from being scratch resistance, the Xiaomi Youpin powered watch is also water-resistant which means rain or splashes of water will no more stop working of this CIGA watch as the waterproofing standard is up to 3 ATM.


Fully Transparent Design

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We all have been curious at one point in our life to know how internal part of the watch works and this hollow design lets you see each and every part of the internal working of this watch. This gives you ownership over the watch and admires the beautiful craftsmanship at a deep level. This not only allows you to see but also to feel the working of the watch on your wrist and have a sense of ownership.

Marvelous Mechanics

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The SEAGULL AAA-Class is a customized movement of ST2553JK that lets you save energy for 40 hours, the frequency of the movement is 21600 times per hour, and the movement error range of the watch is 15-30 seconds every 24 hours. 

It is worth noting, SEAGULL is known for its precision and advanced technology which is one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to movements. The CIGA Design Z-Series Watch is a customized version that uses this advanced technology.

Skin Friendly

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Compared to the face of the watch, we usually tend to ignore the quality of the strap but thanks to CIGA Design that has been looking into the minor details including the strap. The strap is as important as the face of this CIGA Design Z-Series Watch that expresses your personality. 

For occasions that are close to your heart and most discerning, this Italian Leather top quality strap will reveal the highlights in this Xiaomi Youpin powered watch. While for using it on regular basis, simply switch the strap out with a spring bar that includes a 3D food-grade Silicone that is approved by FDA and it will ensure you get comfort endlessly and assures practicality.


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The packaging of the watch is as beautiful as the watch itself and this is Xiaomi Youpin powered designed watch by watchmakers and world-class artists are representing the openness and true sincerity. You can listen to the heartbeat of the mechanics as soon as you put this watch on your wrist, will take you on a journey while the package looks like a complete artwork done by masters that are packed as a gift.

In the box

There are different packages available that is pack with different elements at different prices, for instance, CIGA Design Titanium Set that is available for $249 comes with a CIGA Design Watch along with a Silicone Strap in two colors such as Orange and Black + includes a genuine leather strap as a gift.

Another CIGA Design Titanium Set that includes two CIGA Design Titanium Watch and Two Silicone Strap that comes in Black and Orange color along with two genuine leather straps as a gift for $456. The third package includes five watches and five silicone straps in black and orange color along with 5 genuine leather straps for $990.

Product Specification

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This is an exceptional looking watch that will grab attention for more than a second. The CIGA Design Z-Series Watch offers a gorgeous look that easily becomes a winner compared to many mainstream brands. Once you look at the watch, it might hardly take two seconds to decide to own this beauty on your wrist. 

There are many upgrades that have been taken place while the watch reached its Z-Series of Titanium version. Besides material, texture, appearance, packaging, and the straps have also been upgraded to a new level. Moreover, this version is more comfortable, slimmer, and lighter to wear on your wrist without any second thought.



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