Chuwi Hi9 Pro Review | Best Budget Gaming Tablet?

Apr 13, 2020

The Hi9 Pro is a budget tablet by Chuwi, marketed as a Gaming tablet. It does come with a pretty powerful processor and a big high-resolution screen. It looks quite sleek and the colored Power button becomes an immediate attraction. There is also a big battery inside and it does come with a Type-C charging port. TO know more, check out the Chuwi Hi9 Pro complete review below.




Chuwi Hi9 Pro Design and Build

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro isn’t the most premium looking tablet. The back of the tablet has a metal plate with plastic bars above and below it. Even though the back is metal, it doesn’t feel as premium as other high-end tablets like iPad. Apart from that, the design on the back is quite minimal which I really liked and it feels sturdy as well.

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Another thing that I really liked about the tablet is the thin and light profile. The tablet is quite thin measuring around 7.9mm while and it weighs 348 gram which is good considering it’s a tablet and not a smartphone. As you can see, the tablet is definitely for single-handed usage but the edges are curved which makes adds comfort while using it. The tablet is only available in Black color option, hence, if you are looking for a different color, the Chuwi Hi9 Pro just won’t do.

On the front, there is a big screen along with a selfie camera, proximity sensor, and an earpiece on top. Coming to the right you will find the Volume rocker and a Red colored Power button. Honestly, the Power button looks cool and it isn’t often that you find different colored keys on a tablet. The left side is bare empty and there is nothing at the bottom as well. On the top, you will find the Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack. The Hybrid SIM tray is on the top as well. Flip the tablet around and you will find a Single camera and a speaker along with “Chuwi” branding.

Overall, the tablet looks and feel great for the price and it lack features Stereo speakers, IP rating, and Wireless charging which are found on more expensive tablets.  


If I will buy the Chuwi Hi9 Pro tablet, one of the reasons will the screen. It packs a beautiful 8.4-inch IPS LCD display which has a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The screen has a 16:10 form factor making is great for content consumption. Right out of the box, the tablet comes with a pre-applied screen protector. We recommend you to keep it intact as there is no oleophobic coating on the screen which means it collects smudges fast.

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Moving on to the screen quality, the screen is really big and the color accuracy is great. The text and images on the screen look sharp and the colors are saturated as well. Although, the brightness isn’t high enough to be viewable under direct sunlight but you can easily use it outdoors on a cloudy day. The viewing angles are great and the touch also feels smooth and responsive. We watch some FullHD and the experience was simply awesome. It doesn’t have super slim bezels but it does have a much bigger screen compared to a smartphone.

Overall, the screen on the Hi9 Pro table is undoubtedly great, only a higher level of brightness would make it an undeniable choice at this price.

Performance and Software

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro packs some powerful internals which is hard to find on tablets in the price range. This makes it one of the most powerful tablets in the segment capable of playing heavy games. To be specific, it packs MediaTek Helio X23 under the hood. It is a Deca-Core processor based on 20 nm architecture and clocked at a frequency of 2.3 GHz. Along with it, there is a Mali-T880 MP4 GPU which is clocked at 780 MHz. There is a single configuration available which comes with 3GB RAM and 32 GB of onboard storage.

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In terms of benchmarks, the Helio X23 achieved a score of above 95,000 in AnTuTU which is higher compared to Snapdragon 625, although, lacking behind the Snapdragon 660. With basic tasks like watching videos, checking emails, watching casual games like Candy Crush, the tablet never slowed down a bit. It performed all the simple tasks smooth and well. However, it struggles with heavy games. The chipset is capable of running Asphalt 9 at medium graphics settings but with PUBG Mobile, the graphics setting should be kept to enjoy the smooth and responsive battle royal experience. In terms of multitasking, the table did reasonably well and you can also expand the memory up to 128GB using the MicroSD card.

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The Chuwi Hi9 Pro comes with Android 8.0 Oreo and there is no custom skin. It is completely stock and comes with most of the Google apps pre-installed. All the stock animations are there are the UI feels smooth and responsive. It does pack all the Oreo features like Split-Screen, Google Assistant, better battery optimizations etc. You can download all the necessary apps from the Playstore. The current software is Oreo and there is a very minor chance that it will ever be updated to Android Pie but overall, the software is clean and smooth.

Camera Performance and Battery Life

The camera on the budget tablets aren’t great and to say this for the Chuwi Hi9 Pro is not wrong. It packs a single primary camera which is an 8 Megapixel sensor and a 5 Megapixel camera on the front for selfies and video call. The camera app is very basic, hence, you won’t find features like Manual mode or Portrait mode.

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Moving on to the camera quality, the rear camera captures pretty average images even during the day. The images look washed out and the dynamic range is off as well. Since there is no second camera, you can’t capture portrait images. In the night, the image quality becomes worse and the images become unusable. The images are grainy and lack details. Coming to the selfie camera, it captures comparatively better images and is good for video calls. Although, in dark situations, the images turn out bad and unusable. Overall, the camera quality is below average but once can do good quality video calling.

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The Chuwi Hi9 pro comes with a 5000 mAh battery which may not seem big enough as there are smartphones with such type of battery capacity. With such a high-resolution screen, the battery lasts a whole day of heavy usage.  This means if you don't play heavy games for long, the battery can last around 1.5 to 2 days. However, that totally depends on the usage. Overall, the battery life is pretty decent.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro: More Features

The Chuwi Hi9 Pro comes with Dual SIM support as it comes with Hybrid SIM tray. It also supports Dual VoLTE and Dual Standby. Since it has a Hybrid SIM slot, it can take either 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 microSD card. Other connectivity options include WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS. Sensors on the tablet include Proximity, Accelerometer, etc. There is no NFC on the tablet which is understandable for the price.

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There is no fingerprint scanner on the tablet and it doesn’t have face Unlock either. Talking about the speaker, there is only a single one on the back. It doesn’t get loud enough to fill an entire room and also lacks some bass. Even some cheaper smartphones do have better speakers but in its defense, there is no budget tablet with a great speaker. To get better audio, you can either connect wired headphones or external speakers using the audio jack.


Hence after the full Chuwi Hi9 Pro review, the question is “Do I recommend this tablet?”. Well, if you are looking for a tablet with a great display, good performance with vanilla Android, modern Type-C charging port, and Calling ability with dual VoLTE, expandable storage, headphone jack and easy to handle build, the Hi9 Pro is the one to go.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro Review | Best Budget Gaming Tablet? image 8

However, if your primary preference is playing heavy games or great camera performance, the Hi9 Pro won’t be a good choice. The tablet also lacks a Fingerprint scanner and the battery life is pretty average. Hence, depending upon the preference, the Chuwi Hi9 Pro can be a great option at a very affordable price.

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