Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care Review

Jan 12, 2020

Introducing Christie Brinkley and Her Beauty Secrets

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Christie Brinkley is a supermodel and she has been sharing her secret of staying young and beautiful even at the age of 61. In her product line of Christie Brinkle Skin Care review, she had shared her best anti-aging skincare that promises to deliver new 40 even when you are 60.


After rejecting many formulated products for Christie Brinkley Skin Care, the world-class expert prepared these Recapture products which is not like any other skincare product. It is the first anti-aging system activation that is using epigenetics science on your skin to turn on natural rejuvenation and your bio-clock that makes you look younger.

RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense - Anti-Aging Cream

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This Anti-Aging Cream is more than just routine skincare instead it will help your skin to naturally do the rejuvenation system that makes you look a lot younger than your actual age. It works faster on your skin as far as results are concerned and the copper value helps to restore and comes with reenergizing properties. 

The RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense consists of properties of Bio-Copper Complex which is pack with ingredients that are award-winning and designed in a way that provides you firmer and smoother complexion on your skin. This product works like a battery in your skin system that is formulated with sun protection of 30. 

It has a blend that is unique because of anti-oxidants that helps to fight against the effects on your skin takes place because of environmental pollutants and sun. The Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care product will do wonders if you are dealing with wrinkles, discoloration, sagginess and so on.

Buy Anti-Aging Day Treatment for $20.95


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The Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care takes care of not only day cream but specially design cream that you can apply before going to bed that works even when you are sleeping. The night-time works best for your skin to get repair naturally and replenish the skin. 

This night treatment for your skin is revolutionary and innovation anti-aging cream that will work with the body's natural Bio-clock internally that helps the skin to get repaired naturally while you are at sleep. It will provide you a refreshing look and keeps your skin hydrated. It will help you to get rid of the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles on your skin while it also improves the smoothness, firmness, and elasticity that makes your skin look younger and rejuvenated. 

The product is designed in a way that will help the skin to look radiant and you can feel firmer the next day. The activation of the bio-clock is a natural process which means this product will use the epigenetics science that contains a peptide that helps the repair cycle of your skin.

Buy Anti-Aging Night Cream for $23.99

Complete Clarity Facial Cleanser

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This is a unique gel foaming facial cleanser that is innovated just to remove all the impurities from your skin which is the most important thing to do before or after applying makeup. Fear of getting your skin damage because of makeup staying on your skin for too long? Now you don't have to worry about that as well because this facial cleanser will take care of that part with ease.

It will make your skin soft and smooth while the deluxe complex moisture on your skin will support the hydration and take off the eye makeup and the foundation that keeps your skin clean without any buildup on the skin. 

The Complete Clarity Facial Cleanser contains aloe that will help to soothes the skin and helping you to get a complexion that is flawless looking. This can be used by all kind of skin tones and type as it leaves the skin moisturized, refreshed, soothed, and calmed.

Buy Complete Clarity Facial Cleanser for $17.90

Refocus Eye + IR Defense for Dark Circles

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This is a Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment with Bio-Copper Complex that comes with Refocus Eye + IR Defense formula of Christie Brinkley. This treatment contains a unique anti-aging innovative under eye bio-copper complex along with anti-oxidant protection which is combined in just one serum that will help your skin to rejuvenate.

This is a serum used near the eye area that allows you to get rid of dark circles and helps to make it smooth and firm around and under your eyes. It addresses the signs of aging that are shown around your eyes. The treatment of the Refocus Eye also helps in reducing the wrinkles that appear around your eyes and helps to improve smoothness, firmness, and elasticity that leaves your skin looking more radiant.

While we all know how delicate the area around and under your eyes is, hence the formula of the product has been created with carefully selected items that do not harm your eyes. It is recommended to apply this eye serum twice a day after cleaning your skin.

Buy Eyes Treatment for $31.90

This is a line of systematic products that are designed in a way that makes it effective when all of them are used altogether during the day and night time that helps to achieve the desired results. This line of product will help you protect the skin for the coming future as it doesn't only take care of your current condition but also protect from fine lines or wrinkles in the future.

The Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care comes with advanced and rare plant extracts, copper, and amino acids that help to address any signs of aging and revitalize your skin. It also provides you sun damage as not having enough protection in the sun also causes aging. The product will not only help you with UVB and UVA rays but also with IR (Infrared Rays) that has a 54 percent spectrum of the sun.

Get the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care products and never look back in time to see how beautiful you use to look as you will always look younger than your actual age with the help of these products.

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