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May 15

One of the things that modern teenagers cannot get rid of is their watch. However, traditional watches are not that tempting anymore. That is why Xiaomi has presented the brand of Keith Haring giving teenagers a chance to show their friends that they have something new to present and give the impression of modern alteration to their appearance.

Brand overview

The Xiaomi brand is well known for the innovations that it integrates with the watches it manufactures. The watch has the latest safety standards to let people know the hour and the day first, and alert them for any possible appointment they may have in some hour. The connection with other mobile Xiaomi products is easy to maintain and the internal CPU is more powerful than ever before.

Not to mention, that the AMOLED screen has the clearest pictures of all times, giving you the chance to read every single detail just by looking at the watch.


It is more lightweight than the competition and comes with a rubber band that can be adjusted to your wrist. On the other hand, it takes less than an hour to fully charge the device and let it accompany you to your daily journies and expeditions for at least 48 hours after the initial charging. The watch comes with speakers and microphone so that you can use it as a smartphone when you find it plausible to do so.

Benefits / Reasons to choose

There are many reasons to choose the Xiaomi Mi watch against any other watches that have been lately presented here. First, it matches your perpetual appearance. It is the best thing that can happen to you when you are dealing with hours and minutes.

Then you can also have a connection with all your Xiaomi devices no matter how far away you may be from your house. The watch allows you to remotely adjust your Xiaomi devices and control them as if you were close to them.

Another great reason to buy the Xiaomi Mi watch has been its great affordability giving you the chance to have it no matter what your financial situation could be. It is the best gift you can give to any of your friends and family.

Pros & Cons

There are several benefits and drawbacks associated with the use of the Xiaomi Mi watch:


Lightweight design

Makes you feel you are trendy

Always shows you the right hour

Can connect remotely to all your Xiaomi devices

Affordable and great to give away as a gift to your beloved ones


Cannot control other devices that don't share the Xiaomi application or the Bluetooth 4.0 communication protocol.


The initial intent of the people in Xiaomi has been to create a watch that would be affordable for the masses to purchase. The initial price would be close to $127.00 that is an acceptable number for the western markets. However, Xiaomi will have some special discounts for its loyal customers. The product is going to launch on April 30, 2020, to the Chinese market, and then it is going to spread all around the world. 

How to install

There is no obligation to install the Xiaomi Wrist Watch since you only need to unbox it and plug it to the power network for an hour. Then you may simply press the on/off button and try to connect it through Bluetooth protocol to the rest of the Xiaomi devices you may have. The watch has an internal clock giving you the chance to know the hour wherever you are in the world. You can also keep pictures and other important documents in your watch to be always aligned with your work when you wear this watch.

Who can use

 The watch is primarily directed for teenagers and young adults that want to look better than anyone else in their company. However, Xiaomi has the aspiration to let the watch proliferate to all the segments of the active population since many people are going to find its features a lot easier than ever before.

How to order

You can order it from big retailers like Gearbest and Amazon. However, if you are into big discounts and greater rebated in other Xiaomi products you better start looking for it on the official Xiaomi website.

Customer support

Xiaomi has also launched a special customer support team that covers all parts of the world. People can always call the live representatives and ask in their native language about solutions to the upcoming issues.

Others to know

The Xiaomi brand has been the first one to invest in these watches that have a transparent and dual character. They can both inform you about the hour and give you a direct connection to all your other mobile devices. It is very water-resistant and can stay with you no matter how many action sports activities you may perform during the day.



Some of the questions we frequently find online about Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Keith Haring are:

Can I wear the watch while I shower?

It would be better to leave it away from your shower sessions. However, if you accidentally wear the Xiaomi watch when you take your shower, don't worry it will be ok. Simply wipe out the water and you are done!

What is the battery consumption of the Xiaomi watch?

The Xiaomi watch works with simple 12V batteries that have at least 10,000 recharging cycles so that you don't have to worry about power issues when you mostly need your watch.


Once more Xiaomi keeps on being the pioneer in the watch industry. It has created the most impressive interconnected watch that can stay in touch with your smartphone and home network of appliances no matter where you are.

The simple use and durability are the Xiaomi watches the best benefits. Make sure you invest some time to know its unique features and how to use them right.

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