Can Coronavirus live on clothing?

Apr 22

Coronavirus, which is now a global pandemic, had created a significant impact on nations across the world. From economic shutdown, lockdown to cancellation of events- this pandemic has left the world as a whole shaken to the core. People are now being advised to work from their homes and always to take proper precautions when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene.


While many of us are finding it hard to grasp how everything has come to a grinding halt, the toll coronavirus has taken on humanity is staggering. There is still a lot to know about how Coronavirus is affecting humanity and what are the mechanisms. In this article, we are going to talk about whether Coronavirus can live on clothing or not. Here is what experts have to say.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease caused by a mutated form of Coronavirus, known as Novel Coronavirus. Although most of the population suffering from Coronavirus might suffer from mild to moderate respiratory symptoms without any special treatment required, those who suffer from other ailments like COPD, diabetes or cancer are under the threat of developing worse symptoms. It mainly transmits through nose discharge or saliva, so keep a distance from people and practice respiratory etiquette. Wash your hands with alcohol or soap frequently.

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Can Coronavirus live in clothes? And for how long?

It is still unclear whether Coronavirus can live on clothing or not. However, there might be some reassuring facts from the experts. Harvard Health states that the virus is more prone to surviving on hard surfaces than softer ones like cotton or other kinds of fabric.  Clothes having a smoother surface without any undulation is being considered as safe to wear WHO suggests that the life cycle of the disease-causing virus is between a few hours to a few days.

Experts have suggested that one should maintain proper clothing hygiene to lessen the probability of coming in contact with the disease-causing virus. It is also recommended to wear freshly washed clothes, even indoors as well. As per recommendations from experts, clothes should be washed in hot water using detergents.

Can Coronavirus withstand a laundry wash?

Now that we have discussed whether Coronavirus can live on clothing or not, it is now time to clear doubts about whether Coronavirus can survive laundry washes. It is recommended that one washes clothing items in hot water as Coronavirus cannot withstand high temperatures. It is also suggested that one should wash and rinse the walls of the washing and drying machines with a disinfectant.

One should take extra precautions if he/she is using a shared laundry space. Experts recommend maintaining space, wearing protection equipment like and drying of clothes for a comparatively more extended period.

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With the Coronavirus rampaging not only the healthy livelihood of people but countries worldwide, it is always recommended to exercise extra precaution to protect oneself. Hope you liked this article on whether Coronavirus can live on clothing or not. Stay safe and stay indoors.

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