BYINTEK UFO P10 Projector

May 08

Brand Overview


Byintek is an exclusively smart projector manufacturer, with its head office located in the JinRong Industrial Park of China. The company only focuses on the production of various types of intelligent projectors - from lower-end to higher-end, from portable to enterprise ones.


The types of smart projectors sold by the company have varying price ranges so that there's a product for every kind of user out there.

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Starting with the system itself, the projector comes in-built with the Android 7.1 Nougat Operating System that helps the device to act like any other Android-powered device where you can install apps and perform a whole array of functions. The device comes with a quad-core processor along with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 16GB on onboard storage space. The projector supports all kinds of wireless technology including 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz WIFI bands and Apple Airplay. You'll get the support for Bluetooth 4.0 with it as well.


Moving on to the other specifications that include the projector lamp itself, which has an overall brightness capability of 250 lumens. The projector comes with the patented DLP technology, which allows the device to produce enhanced picture quality without compromising on the performance. The rated contrast ratio for the device is at 2000:1 with the native resolution set at 854x480 pixels.


Apart from the picture quality and performance, the device includes a 4200 mAh battery that allows the user to use the device for at least two hours of continuous usage. Furthermore, it has its speakers and headphone jack as well.


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Benefits / Reasons To Choose


Portability is the first advantage that comes to mind when choosing a projector like this. The ability to take your presentations or movies anywhere you need is undoubtedly a huge plus point for many users out there. Furthermore, the added benefits of being an Android-powered system applies here as well, since you do not need to care much about the compatibility of apps and formats of pictures, movies, documents and the like.


The device comes with pretty robust specifications such as the quad-core processor along with 2GB RAM. The 16GB onboard storage might turn out to be less for some users out there, but it should be noted that users can put in a microSD card up to 32GB capacity - which will further expand the overall storage space.


Speaking of the projector lamp, at 250 lumens, the brightness levels are pretty high since most of the competitor products cap out at around 200 lumens - as more the lumens, better will be the viewing experience. Moreover, there's support for HDMI port along with a single two-watts speaker. There's an audio out with the added 3.5mm headphone jack as well.


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Pros & Cons



●     Brilliant Set Of Specifications - With the quad-core processor, along with 16GB ROM and 2GB DDR3 RAM, the specifications are ideally suited for a projector of this small size.  

●     Lamp Has A Brightness Rating Of 250 Lumens - The projector has more than enough brightness rating when compared to its portable size, and the inclusion of such a powerful lamp is always a welcoming stance. The lamp is rated for 30,000 hours.

●     Supports 4K Video Playback And Dual Band WIFI - Both the 2.4 GHz, as well as the 5 GHz WIFI bands, are supported along with video playback of any resolution up to 4K or UHD.



●     Build Quality Could Have Been Better - The device is made entirely out of plastic which should not be the case for a product that’s costing around 280 USD.

●     Native Resolution Could Have Been Better Higher - The native resolution is capped at 854x480 pixels which is a significant drawback.  

●     Better Speaker System Should Have Been Provided - The speakers are rated at just two-watts, which is very less compared to its cost. Addition of surround sound could also have been appreciated.




The BYINTEK UFO P10 Projector is currently priced around $282. With a couple of discount coupons, you can quickly bring the price down under $280.


How To Order?


The BYINTEK UFO P10 Projector can be ordered from the following two online websites:




Others Things To Know


The Device Has Keystone Correction Support


Keystone Correction helps in improving the output picture quality by correcting both the brightness & colour levels along with the contrast so that the current picture frame could transition seamlessly into the next one.


The Projector Has A Maximum Projection Distance Of Four Metres


It should be remembered that each projector out there has its maximum and minimum projection distance. The minimum projection distance is rated at one metre while the maximum range is estimated at four metres. Therefore, it's recommended that you keep your projection screen at a distance between one metre and four metres from the projector.


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1. What is the maximum power consumption of the device?


The projector has a maximum power consumption rating of ten watts.


2. Does the projector come with a remote control?


Yes. The projector comes with an Infrared Remote Control.


3. Does the device package include a tripod?


Yes. The device package includes a tripod to rest your projector on.




Even though the BYINTEK UFO P10 Projector is not without its flaws, it's still one of the best portable projectors you can get on the current market. The specifications, features and performance genuinely speak for itself, and there's no way you can go wrong with the device.


One of the main things that this device nails upon are the basics - which is indeed quite commendable. In a world where reliability is the one of the many things that customers look into a brand’s products, you can be sure of the BYINTEK UFO P10 Projector’s quality.






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