Buying the Best Lump Charcoal for All Your Grilling Needs

May 15


For sure lump charcoal cannot be said to be an entertaining product to do a review on, however, on the off chance that you like grilling - and we should be clear here, a ton of us are fanatics for sure - then it is safe to say that lump charcoal could, with no doubt create a significant difference between a decent steak and an incredible steak. 



Burning at quite high temperatures with negligible or no waste at all, lump charcoal is produced using pure wood, not at all like the briquettes, that may have woods just as added substances to hold together the briquettes.

Who doesn't cherish a decent grill party? In addition to the fact that you get genuinely necessary family time, you also had the opportunity to devour scrumptious meals. However, do you know what amount of energy and time it takes to have an amazing one? You must be cautious about picking quite a few components, which include the recipe, charcoal flame broil, or of one great importance, the best lump charcoal.

As a rule, individuals don't understand how various charcoals can have a significant effect on the flavour of your meat. In this article, we have featured the significance of lump charcoal as the main component in your BBQ. Read on to find out more about the different brands, their features, flavour, and the best ones in the market for your next grill off.

Top of The Line Lump Charcoal Brand Reviews

Lump charcoal has numerous advantages that make it triumph over different types of charcoals. If by any chance, you are looking for natural alternatives rather than synthetic ones loaded with added substances, then lump charcoal is the best choice for you. With over 75 brands of lump charcoal accessible in the market, it tends to be difficult settling on one. Therefore, we have reviewed the absolute best lump charcoal brands below:

Our Top Pick: Fogo Super Premium Lump Charcoal,

17.6 Pounds ($35.95)

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Produced using hardwood from Central America, it is made using wood trimmings, so it's environmentally friendly. The pieces are hand-chosen, with the best lumps going into each pack for effective performance. It has a rich, mellow oak flavour.


1. Burn very hot.

2. Lights up in a mere 15 minutes.

3. Oak smoke flavour.

4. Large 35lb pack.


1. A few lumps might be too enormous for the grill.

2. May take more time to light.

3. As compared to other products, it sparks more

Our Budget Pick: Jealous Devil Hardwood Lump Charcoal ($46.99/Bag)

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Jealous Devil is an organization situated in the US and sources its hardwood from Paraguay in South America. The high caliber and thick hardwood guarantee that you just get the best products. This charcoal burns with no excessive sparking and creates a low amount of dash. This makes it non-risky as well as lessens coughing. A few clients are not as enthused about the milder flavour from this product, just... like any grilling; the flavour is more of personal preference.


1. Burns almost two times hotter.

2. Burns a lot longer than its competitors.

3. Very little ash.

4. 100% natural.


1. A few clients find the flavour is excessively mellow.

2. Relatively not hot enough compared to other products.

3. The packaging is not be as strong as it should be.

Rockwood All Natural lump charcoal ($39.72)

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While not the most affordable lump charcoal you can purchase, this is exceptionally highly rated by clients, and the three-pack of 20-pound sacks diminishes the cost essentially. Hence, it's an excellent incentive for individuals who will do a great deal of grilling. It is produced in the US from 100% waste Missouri hardwoods - a blend of oak and hickory with some walnut and maple which flaunts a rich fragrance from woods that offer an alluring flavour in the smoke, adding a wonderful flavour to your meals.


1. Consistent size.

2. Burns longer.

3. Burns at very high temperatures.

4. Low residue. 


1. May once in a while be different debris in packs.

2. Regular charcoal lumps change in size and might be small pieces.

Original Natural Charcoal

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A sustainable, low spark, and low debris charcoal, you can light it by only using a piece of paper, and it comes with a 100 percent Sizzling Guarantees. These woods are sourced from Ukraine, which has an atmosphere reasonable for the growth of fruit and oak trees. It gives a sweet and fruity flavour perfect for poultry, pork, steak, as well as game birds. This brand includes a guarantee of a 100% refund inside 30 days for a situation where clients are unsatisfied with the quality of the charcoal.


1. A sweet and fruity flavour.

2. 100 percent hardwood that is sustainable.

3. Lights fast with paper.

4. Sultrier and quicker burning.


1. A little bit more expensive than comparable low sparkle charcoals.

2. Pack contains small lumps which could fall straight through its mesh.

3. Could burn quicker and hotter compared to other lump charcoal products.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lump Charcoal

Before buying lump charcoal for your next grill party, look for the accompanying components to ensure you just pick the best quality lump charcoal product on the market:

• 100% Pure

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They ought to be created from only 100% pure hardwood and free from the wide range of synthetic substances. Lump charcoal is made when bits of wood are gradually burnt without oxygen until all the moisture, sap, and natural chemical substances are expelled from the wood.

• Size

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Great brands offer the equivalent estimated lumps of charcoal with almost no residue. Best quality ones contain rather big lumps to ensure that they burn for a longer time and reach very high temperatures. The bigger the pieces, the hotter and longer they will burn. As you explore different avenues regarding various brands, take notes on the consistency of the lumps from each sack. Focus on the measure of residue at the base of the sack as well.

• Flavours

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Always find out the smell of your charcoals. If they have a nice natural scent, it will lead to rather pleasant cooking time. Think of wood like wine. The lighter woods give more of a delicate cook, better flavour for white meats, normally poultry, fish, and veal. The darker or heavier woods have an articulated, solid flavour, and will work better for red meat and game. These attributes are more significant for smoking instead of the fast grilling of a steak or burger.

• Sustainably Sourced.

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One thought when purchasing lump wood charcoal is to discover a brand that utilizes sustainable sources of wood. Brands ought to likewise produce lump charcoal from sustainable sources. Rather than sourcing them from the rainforest, you should pick brands that produce their charcoal locally and from sustainable sources.

• Sparking

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Another indication of top-notch charcoal is no over the top sparking. Although the sparking may look stylish, such charcoals represent a threat to individuals. While sparking makes amazing firecrackers show, it's dangerous and may mean your fuel has originated from lightweight wood that will burn excessively quickly.

• Type of wood

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The kind of wood used to make the lumps is another factor to concentrate on before buying your charcoal. You can find both single-species wood just as blended mixes in the market. Diverse wood has an alternate flavour profile, burning time, and temperature.

• Storage

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The most significant part about putting away your lump charcoal is to keep it dry. That implies storing it away from any water. In any case, if your charcoal gets wet, everything isn't fate and misery. You can spread it out in the sun in a solitary layer, leaving it to dry out. It ought to be fine to use once it is dry again.


Lump charcoal is the fuel of choice among most grill idealists on account of its different advantages. It burns hotter, it lights quicker, and it delivers next to no debris as a byproduct. In addition, the best lump charcoal is likewise receptive to oxygen. This implies if your barbecue has adjustable vents, you can give yourself more noteworthy temperature control. In case you're searing, or you're cooking on low heat for a couple of hours, lump charcoal is your ultimate choice.

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Lump charcoal is the best approach if you like quality smoked meats or hot flames. Lump charcoals are ideal for those individuals who incline toward natural options in contrast to synthetic liquids. In addition to the fact that they are good with a wide range of grills, they likewise light up quickly and reach very high temperatures, which might be ideal for various styles of cooking. Alongside this, they give one of a kind flavours to the meat with each sort of wood giving a different natural flavour.

We trust that this buying guide of lump charcoal brands gives you the info you need to pick up the best lump charcoal for your cooker, grill, or smoker – guaranteeing that next time you get to grilling, your steaks genuinely will be better than the rest.

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