Bilikay P200 DLP Mini Smart Projector

May 08

Brand Overview


Bilikay is a technology-related company that deals in the manufacturing of various kinds of gadgets such as wireless earphones, smartwatches, smart projectors and the like. The company is mainly focused on bringing the latest & greatest technology to the masses at affordable prices.


The organisation is currently based in China, but its products are being sold all over the world, including the European and American countries.


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Before you plan to buy the Bilikay P200 DLP Mini Smart Projector, it's essential to get an idea about the best features that you'll be obtaining. First and foremost, the projector uses the DLP technology patented by Texas Instruments in the USA, for outputting clear, high-fidelity, bright and vivid picture quality through its projector lens. The device itself comes with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that aids in 4K (UHD) movie playback and also plays some of the most graphic-intensive games on the market.


Apart from personal use, the projector can also be used for professional needs as it has the capability to output presentations and simple documents. This can be done by installing office applications on the device since it runs on the Android operating system. Furthermore, you also get access to a handy remote control along with support for playing media via microSD card as well. 


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Benefits / Reasons To Choose


When it comes to purchasing a smart mini projector, the first criteria should always be the build quality - and thankfully the Bilikay smart projector provides the same with an enclosure that is made from a combination of ABS plastic and aluminium alloy. In addition to that, since the device comes pre-loaded with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, you can assure to install most of the Android supported applications, including office software.


With 1 GB of RAM (memory) and 8 GB of storage space, you’ll have enough power potency to run most of the demanding apps and games out there for Android OS. Moreover, the device comes with WIFI support (2.4 GHz band) along with support for Miracast and Airplay. The device supports video playback both at 2K and 4K resolutions, at 60 frames-per-second.


Talking about the quality and power of the projector lamp, it has a brightness of 110 lumens, which is more than sufficient to be used on a large screen without distortion. The picture size can range between 30-inch to up to 120-inch with support for multiple aspect ratios. It comes with added Bluetooth 4.0 support, built-in speakers and a battery capacity of almost 6000 mAh. Needless to say, a single charge would last you an entire day of usage and even more.


Finally, the device supports most of the available picture and audio formats out there, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues rising later on after your purchase.


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Pros & Cons



●     Excellent Build Quality - The device looks sleek and beautiful out of the box.

●     Added Accessories - It comes with several added accessories for you to use it to its full capacities, such as an HDMI cable, a tripod, remote control and a power cable/adapter.  

●     Easy To Use And Great Performance - The device is very intuitive to use without any significant learning curve. The performance is also top-notch with the quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM specifications.

●     Image Clarity Is Commendable And Can Be Used With An Android Phone - The projector provides excellent image quality for the price. Moreover, it can be paired with an Android or iOS device to display the contents on the large screen. 



●     Native Resolution Support Could Have Been Better - Even though image clarity is excellent and it can play up to 4K resolution, the native resolution support of the projector is capped at 854x480 pixels which is a bit bummer. 

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Currently, the device is listed at a price of around $189.99 on the Gear Best online website. However, if you can scour around the internet for some discount coupons, then you can easily find the projector being around sold for $184.99.


How To Order?


The Bilikay P200 DLP Mini Smart Projector can easily be ordered from the following online website:


●     Buying the device via Gearbest:

Others Things To Know

The Projector Supports Up To 32GB Storage


Apart from the 8GB in-built storage of the device, it also supports microSD expansion capability up to 32GB. Therefore, in case you're worried about having less storage space, just pop-in an extra microSD card and off you go.


The Projector Has A Projection Distance Up To Five Metres


It should be remembered that every projector out there has a minimum and maximum projection distance. The minimum projection distance on this device is up to one metres while the maximum projection distance is up to five metres. This means that your projection screen from your projector should be between one and five metres.




1. What is the contrast ratio for the projector lamp?


The contrast ratio of a projector lamp is denoted in white versus black ratio. The higher the ratio difference, the better will be the picture quality and sharpness. The Bilikay P200 DLP Mini Smart Projector has a contrast ratio of 2000:1.


2. What are some of the supported aspect ratios on the device?


The currently supported aspect ratios on the device are 16:10, 16:9 and the widely used 4:3.


3. What is the rated lamp life of the projector lamp?


The projector lamp has a rated life of 30,000 hours.




While finding the perfect mini smart projector in the market can be a daunting task, the Bilikay P200 DLP Mini Smart Projector makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a top-quality product without paying a hefty sum for the same.


The product packs in all the right hardware and software choices which makes it up for a seamless experience that is indeed quite hard to achieve in this day and age.

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