Big Savings Collection for Valentine's Day Gifts 2020

Feb 11

Chocolate and roses are fine, but you want to be enchanting. Give the unique, creative 2020 Valentine's Day gifts that will surprise and delight your special person.

Why did we put together this list of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas out there? Because we believe you can do so much better than just a card or flowers this year. Whether you’re on old pro or a newbie to the arena of love, we are your one-stop-shop guide for Valentine’s day gifts! If you're not sure what to get right now, to help, we've done most of the thinking for you, not only save time, also save money. Here are the best gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2020.

For Her


Giving fresh roses is too extravagant, however the roses in this gift box are actually made of fragranced soap. Isn't it unique? Let your beloved one enjoy a romantic bath full of rose petals, which will dissolve into foam and make a fragrant bathing. There is also a lovely bear to make the gift box more cute. Let this product embellish your Valentine's Day 2020. We are sure, this is a great choice!



The default password of this DaVinci Cryptex is "iloveu". If you have other secret words you want to tell her, you can set your own password. Put your poems, notes, jewelry or other valuables inside the cryptex box and surprise your beloved in a special way!



Come and play this smart Rubik's cube with your beloved.  The smart toy comes with a six-axis sensor system, which captures all the changes of the Rubik's cube and delivers data to your phone in real-time via Bluetooth. And smart APP will help you to master your skills. Play the cube with your girlfriend for more fun.


Money can't buy love, so gifts don't necessarily need to be expensive. In fact, balloons everywhere can also be a good gift. As long as the balloon is in hand, a girl can become a happy little princess at once. Don't forget that her smile is the most important.



If your girlfriend is not a big fan of cheesy greeting cards and chocolates, some latest tech products can be a great choice. Give her AirPods as a gift, so that she can experience Apple's latest wireless headset technology. Starting from the Valentine's Day 2020, she can wear it every day. We are sure, she will love it!


Every hand-made Himalayan salt lamp is unique, just like relationship between you and your girlfriend. If you have a hard time telling her your feelings, consider this lamp. It will give a natural glow to her room, reminding of you.

Some people like brands, others prefer being different from the crowd. This wireless headset from BOSE is very different from AirPods in design and color, besides it is suitable for sports. If your sweetheart loves sports and at the same time wants to stand out from the crowd, this headset would be a good choice!


If your girlfriend is a practical person, who prefers useful gifts over romantic but good-for-nothing souvenirs, electric toothbrush can be a good option. BRAUN Oral-B is a classic brand, everyone is familiar with. Let this toothbrush become a gift and accompany her every morning and evening!


When it comes to underwear, every woman wants to look sexy and mysterious. This lingerie sleepwear is a perfect choice for Valentine's Day 2020. When your woman puts it on, you can't help but "WOW" it.


Taking bath with your partner on Valentine's Day 2020 is also a very good idea. This 10-piece set with additional bath products and a cute Teddy bear has everything to make her feel like pampered. Lock the doors, light up the candles, turn on some romantic music and plunge into a romantic spa evening... Just two of you.


This Jaryn watch by Michael Kors is simple and elegant, just like your woman. Sending this watch from the popular brand on a suitable occasion will surely impress your beloved.


Girls adore jewelry. If you have a stable relationship, why not proposing to her on this meaningful day? This round Kobelli Moissanite diamond set in 14-karat gold is eye-catching and grand. She will say "Yes".


ALOV jewelry means endless love, dream and memories that our heart will hold forever. If you don't have enough budget, use this necklace to express your love. And the text engraved on the necklace can represent your heart.


Who said that going out on a date on Valentine's Day 2020 is a must? This special day is also a good to exercise together! This fitness stretch rope can be used by multiple users for yoga, muscle building, relaxation and more. And don't forget to check the price, the price for the new users is very attractive!


Few people associate toilet paper with Valentine's gifts. But it is this way that will have unexpected results. If she likes to joke too, then give this as a gift. When she opened the gift, would she laugh more than that?


We just introduced a lot of gifts just in order to get her / his laughter. But what if we turn the other way? See whoever laughs first loses. Will this Valentine's Day be more memorable?


For Him


Who doesn't like playing games? Especially big boys. Now this 1TB Sony PS4 Pro game console is only $ 285. If he's been longing for PS4, then give him a Valentine's Day.



Is your boyfriend a fan of Star Wars? Then he will be glad to take himself to a far-away galaxy with a cool new Star Wars shirt. Take two for you and him. Isn't it fun to wear the same couple T-shirts on such a special day?


Nothing is more important than health. If his job requires looking at the computer for a long time, this anti-blue light glasses may be a good choice. It filters blue light that is harmful to a person's eyes and protects his eyes.



All bath products manufactured by LifeAround2Angels are different and special. Make your Valentine's Day bathing experience happy and memorable with this creative gift box, containing 12 uniquely hand-made bath bombs! Natural, colorful and fragrant - a special gift for a the very special person.


DJI's drones are very popular nowadays, so if your boyfriend loves exploring magnificent landscapes, DJI Mavic Mini, one of DJI's most popular drones, can become a perfect gift for him. Start a journey together with your partner on Valentine's Day and record your best moemries with a drone!


Unlike other electric toothbrushes, Oclean X electric toothbrush has added new functions such as LED touchscreen and App control, which will definitely surprise him and become one of this favourite gadget gifts!


Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese brand famous for high quality tech products and latest gadgets with budget-friendly price tag, for example this electric shaver. Consider giving him this shaver to make him full of charm every day!


Compared with AirPods, AirPods Pro have better noise reduction features, so the price will increase. Owning a popular headset can make most guys happy for a long time. Do you want to see him happy? So AirPods Pro might be the most suitable Valentine's Day digital gift.


Except for drones, DJI is also famous for its gimbals. Gimbal stabilizer enables to shoot very exciting videos just with your mobile phone. Give your HIM one of the best mobile gimbals - DJI OSMO Mobile 3, make stunning videos on Valentine's Day, share them on Instagram or Facebook to save your best memories.


Apple's smartwatch has entered the fifth generation. Apart for beautiful design, it has added more health management functions. Although Apple Watch is not cheap, if you do not want to give those ordinary gifts to your beloved, you can also consider giving your partner fashion and health together.


How about having a glass of wine on Valentine's Day with your beloved? Then we have an idea! These colorful cups can be used not only to hold red wine or ice-cold cocktails, but also to decorate the room. Try your favourite drinks in a unique way on Valentine's Day and make your life as colorful as these cups!


This professional jump rope from Aliexpress features soft thin handles made of ABS, adjustable rope, lightweight design, besides it is very cheap. There's not much to say, just give him the jump rope and watch him sweating in gym. Sporty men will definitely appreciate.

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