Best Good Second Job to Have for Extra Income

Jul 21

Best Good Second Jobs to Have for Extra Income

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Meeting the financial needs and setting up a financially secure life is very important. We work hard for paying off the debts, building emergency funds, buying a home, saving money for retirement, saving for vacations, paying bills etc. and sometimes, one job is not enough to fulfil all these requirements. In such scenarios, we all need a second job or passive income to earn a bit more and get financially more secure.

A secure and promising second job is a practical way to get richer and fulfil our goals. However, earning a second earning is not that easy as it seems. You will have to put some extra efforts and remain dedicated to generating more income while putting in fewer efforts than your regular job. So what is the best second job to have? Here's all you need to know.

Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Second Job you Need

In the world of online marketing, affiliate marketing has become a popular and critical method to earn some extra income. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which an affiliate can earn a commission by the manufacturer of the product for selling the product to the customer. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is when an affiliate gets a commission by any online retailer for the sales generated through your referrals.

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How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliates generally market the products on their websites or affiliate marketing platforms and earn a certain amount of commission on each order. For making money, these are the steps to be followed:

·         You pick a product you are interested in and promote the product to your followers or the potential customers (on your blog, video or any other platform)

·         Your followers or potential customers purchase the product using your referral link

·         You earn the commission for the sales that are generated through your referral links

The working of affiliate marketing might seem very simple and uncomplicated but starting with affiliate marketing and earning a commission on a daily basis is a long process. So here's how you can get started with affiliate marketing. Follow the steps and let your efficiency turn into monitory.

How to start affiliate marketing?

1.  Find a trending and rewarding product

A product category or niche in which you are interested, is the best as it will make creating campaigns easier. Before choosing a product to market, think of the products you are knowledgeable or interested in because when you know about the products in detail, promoting and creating the content becomes accessible.

Analyze if the product category is big enough and is in demand.  Check whether the product has potential and can bring money. There are so many categories like lifestyle products, digital products, cooking and kitchen products, fashion products etc. from which you can easily choose.

You can also use any popular and widespread affiliate program like Pongo Share Global to pick the products. If you are looking for a promising platform, Pongo Share Global is one of the biggest international platforms you can use. Simply register with the platform and go to the dashboard where you will find the Referral tab using which, you can explore the pool of products and categories and pick the products you are willing to promote.

2.  Build a website or Blog

If you are passionate about a topic, you can also build a blog or website dedicated to the specific niche and start posting on the topics. A catchy and informative blog is always preferred by audiences and thus share the necessary information on the blog. You can also monetize the blog and plan on advertising and selling on-site-ads to earn money and draw more traffic to your blog.

Make sure that you create relevant and quality content for your blog. The quality of your content and readability will determine the traffic on your blog. Before promoting any product on your blog, it is better to post some relevant articles on your blog so that a link is established.

3.  Choose and Affiliate program

There are plenty of affiliate programs available these days that offer better deals and offer higher commissions for each sale. One of such programs is the Pongo Share Global affiliate marketing program that provides a range of product categories, an easy-to-use interface to promote products, better commissions on every order and customized deals for affiliates.

The Pongo Share Global program operates on three tabs; referral, sales and library. Using the referral tab, you can browse and choose products from the list of categories. You can search for the products with high commission and copy the links for promoting the products on your blog or any other address. Using the library tab, you can browse and manage your favourite products while using the sales tab, you can browse the orders and commission generated on each order. 

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4.  Promote and track your Products

The best way to promote the products is to mail the potential customers. Email is the best medium to communicate with your customers and earn a better return on each product. You can also use the automated email marketing approach to send mails and start your marketing campaign. Segment your email list and start reaching out to the customers to promote products.

While tracking your results, you can check which product is bringing you the most revenues, and you can further select the similar kind of products that are more trending. Tracking your affiliate links will help you understand and promote the products that perform better than others.

What are the benefits of using Pongo Share Global for affiliate marketing?

For reaching more customers, you need a platform that offers customized and highly rewarding deals for affiliate marketing. Pongo Share Global is an international platform that uses a transparent and reliable system and helps you draw more traffic to your blog. Here are the benefits of using this beginner-friendly platform.

·         Promoting the products with Pongo Share Global is simpler and more comfortable than you think. To get started, you simply need to register with the platform, and within minutes, you will be able to sign up and use the portal.

·         You can also link your Shopify store with your Pongo Share Global account and promote your desired products with ease. You can copy the links of the products from the pool of products from the portal and simply copy the link to the address where you want to promote the product. Plus, you can use the product images to promote the products better

·         The interface of Pongo Share Global is easy to use. Divided into tabs like referral, sales and library, this platform makes it easy for the affiliates to use it. with these tabs, you can promote, view and check your order history easily

·         As soon as you step in the referral section, you can browse ample categories from which you can choose a specific niche. There are plentiful of categories and product listings known as SKU’s you can promote

·         For affiliate marketing with Pongo Share Global, you don't need to be an expert. Also, if you don't have much knowledge about affiliate marketing, you can start promoting the products and trade.

·         Pongo Share Global also allows you to review and test the products on the platform. You can draw more traffic towards your blog and can learn by running campaigns on the site.

·         Pongo Share Global offers high commission rates, and if you use the platform dedicatedly, you can earn a considerable amount of money.

·         Pongo Share Global also offers you a competent base, so you don't have to put more efforts or money. It provides you with marketing materials and highly trending products on which you can earn more commission. You don't need any marketing kit or a hefty sum for investing.

Why choose affiliate marketing as a second job?

When there are plenty of home-based or less demanding jobs out there, why should you choose affiliate marketing as your second job? If you are wondering why affiliate marketing makes a great second job, here are the reasons:

You get freedom of time

We all agree that time is a precious asset, and using the time wisely is important. After juggling through a 9 to 5 job, you probably would not like to opt for a job that's highly demanding and consumes the time you are left with. Affiliate marketing offers freedom of time and helps you earn money without extreme efforts. You get the flexibility and convenience to work whenever you are free. You can dedicate 2-3 hours daily or can also work for an hour daily as per your convenience.

You can work from any place

You don't need to be at your desk to start affiliate marketing, and the freedom to work from anywhere is the best benefit of affiliate marketing. Whenever you are travelling or are at some remote location, you can simply switch on your laptop and start working. While your regular 9-to-5 jobs won't offer this flexibility, affiliate marketing gives you this convenience.

It is a performance-based approach

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is a performance-based task. If you perform better, you will earn more, and if you do not perform well, you won't get benefited from it. The performance-based approach motivates the affiliates to perform better and drive more conversions. Also, it assures that you get paid for your efforts. Thus, it is a transparent and reliable second job to choose from.

It will draw audience to your blog or website 

Affiliate marketing is available for a range of products and categories so you can use it to draw more traffic on your blog or website. If you already have a website dedicated to the products that you are marketing through affiliate marketing, you can align both and create a broader fan base or audience for your blog.  This partnership will help you explore other markets and extend your online presence and earning.

Affiliate marketing will build your credit

If you have launched your products, you can partner with bloggers and reputed websites to promote the products. When you partner with reputed bloggers, you can gain the trust of the customers and solidify your credit. While purchasing any product, customers generally like considering the opinions from 3rd parties so your product will naturally become more trustworthy. On the other hand, if you have a blog and are offering reliable and useful products to your customers through affiliate marketing, your customers will frequently visit your blog for purchasing better products. Both ways, you will build your online presence and credit.

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective job

For starting a business, you may need a lot of money for investment, but in the case of affiliate marketing, you will have to spend very less. If you are willing to promote your products to customers through affiliate marketing, you will simply have to partner with affiliate marketing platforms that charge very less for participating or using the platforms. Comparatively, the commissions you get on the orders are more. Some platforms offer more than 20% commission on each sale you make, so it is quite a rewarding option.


Though it is very simple and easy to generate passive income using affiliate marketing, you cannot expect overnight results. To generate better revenue through affiliate marketing, you will have to set a goal and work towards the goal dedicatedly on a daily basis. You can use the above-given steps, to begin with, affiliate marketing and choose it as a second job.

Affiliate marketing takes time, so, you will have to focus on your first sale and move gradually. As soon as you start getting more sales, track your results and keep experimenting with other products and new goals to get more revenues. Soon you will be able to generate a considerable income through affiliate marketing.


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