Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50

Jan 29, 2020

The rage of the black lipstick is all in the fashion that makes you forget about the red lipstick which is a signature for many ladies. To help you with the best black lipstick, we have made this list that provides you black lipstick in just $50 only. Let’s delve into the black sea of lipsticks and find out which one is best for your lips that comes under your budget.

Revlon Super Lustrous 

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It is no surprise that black lipstick on dark skin looks amazing as its undertone and gives a perfect shade. The Lipstick by Revlon Super Lustrous is a cult-classic shade for your lips that comes in a perfect combination of moisturizing formula and high color impact. Although, if you are a fan of best black liquid lipstick, you should give it a try to this stick lipstick for its formula that includes avocado oil and vitamin E.


• Super Creamy

• Super Vibrant

• Super Lush

• Vitamin E

• Non-Caking


• Not Long Lasting

Buy Revlon for $1.35

NYX Liquid Suede

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Let's embrace this adventurous shade that brings the edgy and bold side of yours out. This is a professional makeup cream lipstick that dolls you up in plush, it is great for wearing all day. This lipstick provides you with a matte finish and it is formulated with vitamin E and avocado oil. What makes this best black liquid lipstick is its waterproof and velvety shade.


• Waterproof

• Long-wearing

• Flawless pout

• Super pigmented


• Does not dry down quickly

• Thin Liquid 

• Need primer underneath to last longer

Buy NYX Liquid Suede for $2.61

Rimmel Stay Matte

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If you want a bold look with just one right stroke then this is yours! Yes, the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color will impress you with its power of staying long as it is not only waterproof but also touch-proof and kiss-proof.


• Lightweight Texture

• Waterproof

• Long Wearing

• Velvety Finish

• One Stroke


Smears on

Buy Stay Matte for $4.25


Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 4

Your search for best black lipstick might come to an end when you try out this KleanColor lipstick. While the brand is 17 years old, it makes the lipstick pretty budget-friendly, the color of the lipstick hot and stays longer on your lips. This won't dry your lips and give you a matte finish marvelously.


• Versatile looks

• True color

• No feathering


• Greasy

Buy KleanColor for $4.89

Fran Wilson MOODmatcher

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The Fran Wilson MOODmatcher provides a great amount of hydration that is required by your lips as it comes with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is clinically proven to stay for more than 12 hours. This formula makes it the best black lipstick as it will respond well with the chemistry of your lips.


• No smudging

• No feathering

• No bleeding

• No fading

• Waterproof

• Stays for 12 hours


• Uneven shade for dark or brown skins

Buy MOODmatcher for $5.25

Bloody Mary

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If you love taking care of little details when it comes to style and fashion as it makes a huge difference then this lipstick will stun and impress you. The Bloody Mary lipstick is designed carefully with a unique formula that gives a new level to your style. The Bloody Mary is the best black lipstick for an outstanding look at any occasion. 


• Striking color

• Rich pigment

• High quality

• Long-lasting


• Need to apply more than once to get best results

Buy Bloody Mary for $12.99


Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 7

This magic lipstick changes the color as per the temperature, humidity, and pH of your lips. Isn't that amazing? That's not all, it also restores the natural color and hydrates your lips.


• Moisturize

• Soothe Wrinkles around lips

• Protect your lips 

• Natural pigmentation

• Healthy

• Long-Lasting


• Very glossy

Buy Kilipes for $19.99

Manic Panic Raven Lethal 

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 8

The Raven Lethal's black shade is semi-matte buttery lipstick that allows you to get a perfect finish while creating a dramatic and bold look. This is the best black lipstick that will make you stand out and notice even in a crowded party.


• Long Lasting

• Moisturizes your lips

• Cruelty Free

• Glamorous case included

• Semi Matte


• Need to apply lip balm after few hours

Buy Raven Lethal for $15.50

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 9

If you are fond of shiny lips then Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire is the one your lips need. It applies smoothly and evenly on your lips without any plumper. While most of the dark shades are heavy this one is pretty light and the texture of the black suits every kind of skin tone. This is one of the best black lipstick you will find in this price range.


• Deliciously shiny

• Extremely moisturizing

• Rich in color

• No irritation

• Smooth

• Even application

• Great smell


• Packaging could be better

Buy Guerlain for $22.17

Kat Von D Studded Kiss

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This one is the best black liquid lipstick that gives a perfect creamy matte and long-lasting look that doesn't bother you with touch up. This is an unbelievably pigmented product that is made with high-quality mineral ingredients that do not dry out your lips. The innovative formula is revolutionary as it is soft and weightless virtually on your lips.


  • Durable color

  • Long-lasting

  • Highly pigmented


  • The liquid takes longer to dry

Buy Kat Von D for $24.50

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 11

This is a comfortable lipstick that stays for a longer period while delivering rich moisture required on your lips to make it look younger. The lips are smooth and gets the ultimate shine with high black color impact.


• Shiny lips

• High quality

• Easy to apply

• Works as moisturizer 

• Healthy for your lips


• Pricey

Buy Givenchy for $39.16

MAC Matte Lipstick

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 12

This is the best black lipstick as it comes with a rich formula that is absolutely creamy that your lips are going to fall in love with as the color pay-off and provides a matte finish. This is perfect for your pout selfies while only one thin application will do the trick! 


• Good Texture

• Long Wearing

• Even Application

• Creamy

• Rich formula


• Higher on the price

Buy Mac for $44.10

Pony Effect

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 13

If you struggle with chapped or dry lips because of matte finish lipsticks? Then this is the solution to your problems as this one is the best black lipstick makeup delivered by Pony Effect. It is intense, vibrant, and rich in pigmentation without making your lips dry. It comes with ingredients that helps to moisturize your lips such as Brazil Nut's Seed Oil and Seed butter.


• Works as moisturizer

• Healthy

• No drying of lips

• Intense color

• Rich pigment

• Vibrant


• Average lasting 

Buy Pony Effect for $33.46

Black Opal

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 14

This is a high pigmented creamy lipstick that imparts moisturizing as well. It is ultra-hydrating while the intense color provides you the perfect look in this shade of black. This is the best black lipstick as it provides a sumptuous texture on your lips and does not let it dry out the entire day.


• Moisturizer

• Hydrated lips

• Rich in color

• high pigment

• conditioning formula


• Expensive

Buy Black Opal for $39.99

Buy on Official website for $7.75

Kat Von D The Bow N Arrow Look

Best 15 Black Lipstick Under $50 image 15

If you have a bold personality that loves wearing black all day and feels comfortable with a texture that does not require any retouching then ladies you have reached the right lipstick. The long-lasting power and the high pigment color of this lipstick make it the best black liquid lipstick in the market. It will dry on your lips to give you the perfect matte finish you need to feel just right. This is so light on your lips then it makes you forget about the darker shade and helps wear it effortlessly.


• Long-lasting

• Creamy

• High-pigment

• Rich formula

• Effortless application

• Light weight


• Slight stain 

Buy Kat Von D for $34.99

Tips to rock the black lipstick

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That was the best black lipstick under $50 for you to flaunt your pout on every occasion without hesitation or irritation. 

• No doubt, this is one of the most flattering shade you can wear around your loved one to seduce and dominate the event with your looks. 

• Choose the one that matches your personality, no matter if it is glossy, liquid, or matte. 

• Ensure your lips are not flaky or dry, keep it well moisturized. While you make the outline around your lips, make sure that the application of black lipstick starts from the center of your lips to give a perfect look. 

• As your lips grab all the attention, make sure you don’t wear any other bold thing such as eye shadow, too much blusher on the cheeks and so on with this lipstick and that will ensure your lips to be the focal point.

Which one do you choose when it comes to the best black liquid lipstick? Let us know your favorite and the one you will be wearing in the next event or party you attend in the comments.



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