Anker 10W Wireless Charger Hands-On Review

Apr 30

Just like it happened to the audio cassettes, the clock is ticking for wired charging devices. You know, the regular wall plug + cable to device charging system we've loved for so long. It is coming to an end. Welcome the wireless charger era. Let us look at the Anker 10W wireless charger from a hands-on user perspective.

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To carry out this review properly, I got the Anker 10W charger off amazon for a mere $8.99. Enjoy learning about the device from my week-long trial period.

Unboxing The Anker 10W Wireless Charger

As soon as the delivery was made to my doorstep, I couldn't help notice how slim the packaging was. This makes sense since, from the moment I touched the Anker 10W Wireless Charger, it really gave me the slim experience. It is only 10 mm thick. So much research and compact packaging made it look sexy. Compared to older wireless charging stations, it certainly feels closer to the edge.

The box houses nothing more than the dock itself and a micro-USB cable. To note is that mine didn't come with a wall socket plug head. It makes sense since the idea of the wireless charger id that you don't need a wall outlet to charge the device you bought it for. You'll have to either use a laptop or any other source of power. Powerbank maybe.

Quick thoughts right away - you have to consider the devices you wish to charge before you buy the Anker 10W Wireless Charger. The protective box includes information such as the wattage. It supports a range of 5 watts to 10 watts. With three staggered levels: 5 - 7 - 10 watts. This means if your smart device has a maximum of 7,5 Watts, you will not be able to attain the max, instead, you will either fall to 7 or even 5 W depending on what the minimum is. The lower charging effectiveness is made up for by the ease of charging in the long-run. I figured.

Anker 10W Wireless Charging Experience

Now that you can basically tell how it feels to have the Anker 10W Wireless Charger, let's get into the matter we bought it for. After a day of use, I noticed that the moment you place your wireless charging compatible device on the Anker logo, there is a confirmation light (blue) that appears to let you know that active charging is taking place. It helps when the phone is totally drained from gaming and you need to know that it is charging before you move your focus onto something else. 

The charging surface is circular and made entirely of plastic. This can be taken as good and bad depending on your experience with wireless charging devices. From one angle, the plastic makes the device cheaper and lighter to carry around for fast charging on the go...all good. But again this means that it inherits plastic's properties. It is not as strong as rubber layered charging stations. But hey, as long as your device charges right? We're not anticipating heavy devices to be placed on the wireless charger anyway.

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When the device you're charging is full. The charger stops adding power to it. You can be sure to attain quick charging when you use a standard wall socket connectors (9V/2A) for the best times. All Qi-compatible devices will charge when you put them on the Anker logo. This covers a huge range of iPhone devices, watches, ear pods. I personally wanted to use if for my Galaxy S20. Which uses the Anker 10W Wireless Charger at the maximum wattage available. 

Now you may be aware of other charging stations that allow way better numbers than the 10 W roof of the Anker 10W Wireless Charger, but when you look at things from a necessity perspective, that doesn't make so much of a difference. Why would you need 65 W when your device maxes out at a mere 15 w...right? That sort of thinking, and the fact that there is really not much in the way of smart that gets added to a charging device when it gets more wattage. That should make you see into how happy I am to have this Anker 10W Wireless Charger.

And Now For the Pros & Cons of The Anker 10W Wireless Charger

It is a charger people, you would not expect so much in the way of advantages than that it charges your devices, but you would be surprised after you get used to it.


- It is cheap to buy. 

- The very sleek slim design makes you look cool if you were using it in an office environment.

- The LED indicator makes it friendly when you just need a confirmation of charge trickling into your device.

- The anti-slip surface won't throw your phone off when it rings during a charge.

- Automatic shifting between the max and min wattage levels in accordance with the device placed to charge means you don't have to know any much else.

- You can charge your phone while it is in its protective casing. As long as the case is not 5mm thick.

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- The plastic form of the body makes the charger fragile.

- You can only charge one device at a time.

Final Thoughts On The Anker 10W Wireless Charger

Will I be keeping this charger and use it till it breaks? That you can bet I'll do. Ever since I started using it, my phone never gives me issues with battery low notifications. Which comes at the very worst time by the way. At less than $10 for the charger and all the benefits it has added to my life, I'd say it is more than a bargain. Much like a steal at this point, until it breaks, but that looks far from happening. I'm sure the other reason why I'll have to change it is when I get a phone with a hungrier wattage. I anticipate better models of the Anker 10W Wireless Charger, with a different number (bigger than 10) inside the name sometime soon.

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