Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Video Game Equivalent of a Dream Getaway

Apr 02, 2020

Downloading Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an effective strategy for overcoming boredom as it takes you to awe-inspiring desert islands, where you can take your own time to resettle. You can download this social simulation game on your Nintendo Switch.

Those who have never played either of the four major series are highly likely to deem Animal Crossing as a game for kids. While that ain't completely incorrect, it is a low barrier in terms of entry games that doesn't require you to have top-notch combat skills to play and enjoy.

On the contrary, all you need to ask yourself questions like can you catch a butterfly? Do you enjoy the sunset? Harvest fruits, Pick weeds? If the answer to the aforesaid questions is yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an ideal game for you. The long-awaited fifth installment in the popular life simulation video game series was made available on the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020.

The first game after 2012's New Leaf, it had the same characterizing as previously released Animal Crossing games in the series, wherein players are duty-bound to a raccoon called Tom Nook and his twin sons named Timmy and Tommy. The duo runs a suspicious island destination getaway business, while the quick-witted Shih-Tzu Isabelle remains unlockable along with a slew of other popular, as well as new characters that are waiting to be summoned to your island.

Coupled with online gameplay, the title offers an open world for you to explore rather than feeling stuck indoors. Those still unconvinced that all your game-loving friends are going to be preoccupied with it at weekends, continue reading.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Can be Enjoyed by Everybody

Designed to be played by everybody, Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn't require you to have any sort of prior experience playing games. The major portion of gameplay comprises discovery and exploration, and there's ample guidance provided to explain what you need to do.

The only time you are likely to feel frustrated either when you are unable to lure a fish or bee stings you, leaving no option but to return to the main camp and get medicine. Moreover, you'd be buying big-tickets on loans for various purposes such as radically overhauling a mere tent to a place where you can live.

You need to pay off these loans, but much to your relief, no penalties are levied or interest accrued on your payments, making Nook, Inc. a financier to reckon with. The purpose of the game is to continuously enhance your remote island, in addition to giving it a name. The life-like pace of the game makes you feel like you are on a camping vacation, doing chores like the exterior, as well as interior design, gardening, etc.

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Similar to Sickhead Games' popular simulation role-playing video game entitled Stardew Valley, the new game centers on developing and managing your own space by gathering materials without getting overactive and storing goods to the point of exhaustion. Aside from that, the game involves creating new items such as tools, furniture, and making friends with animal characters that continue rolling through your private island.

Make New Friends to Hang Out With

The latest edition of the game allows you to step outside the comfort of your homes, make friends and even hang out on their islands to check out what they have been building. Moreover, you'd be caring for animals, stockpiling supplies and a slew of other materials for them or select a campsite, and the efforts you put into building these in-game relationships are paid off in the form of Animal Crossing's money system, bells or gifts that help you enhance your island.

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These characters develop funny personalities and are assigned catchphrases, which means, you will soon have your core crew along with a favorite character.

The Aw-Inspiring Appearance

The stunning landscape is likely to grab your attention right off the bat. The show changes based on the real season you are in, based on the set region. pixelated elements such as the forests and snowfalls have been replaced with glittering fish, foamy waves, pink peaches, and adorable beetles.

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On top of that, New Horizons boasts an array of other newfangled features that you might want to check out. You can customize the prints of your clothes using custom design templates. Likewise, you can customize wallpaper, as well as flooring. The game adopts a newfangled crafting and character design layouts to facilitate the process of getting your avatar ready.

Relaxing Environmental Sounds and Soothing Music

Animal Crossing's sounds and songs are so relaxing; they can make you sleep. Just like the alluring music of developer House House’s equally well-received Nintendo Switch game dubbed  ‘Untitled Goose Game,’ the sounds are usually minimalist, few and scattered, but experienced in top moments, keeping it an essential element in the gameplay. While you play, you can hear sounds of the waves crashing, soft rain falling, trees moving to and fro due to the breeze and other ambient noises.

The Exceptional Memes

Before the latest Animal Crossing game could hit the store shelves, those restlessly waiting for the title began making memes in anticipation. The internet is teeming with all sorts of memes including ones featuring "voices, which is nothing more than high-pitched mumbo jumbo. Tom Nook speaking in an unpleasant tone, and several other variations based on the series.

We might be in for tons of more memes coming our way this weekend as gamers will be leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to make their island destinations perfect. As expected, Animal Crossing: New Horizons garnered universal acclaim, turning out to be the highest-rated title in the series, according to Metacritic, a website that aggregates video games.

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You can show off your island to family members and friends, or visit theirs. Whether you are playing online, or along with other players besides you, living on an island is better when you can share it. The game allows you to catch up with a cast of cute animals each having their personalities. Tom Nook and Isabelle will help you grow your community.

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