Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Strikes the Right Balance

Apr 17, 2020




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The Design

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite review is an e-reader that falls into mid-range and sits between the high-end and affordable Kindle range, and this reflects in the first glance of the Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation. The body of the device will not exactly feel as Kindle Oasis because of the plastic rear body but the grasp is easy and it doesn't look poor quality product. Given that, it might get grubby pretty quickly with your fingerprints on the backside.

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There is a power button placed on the edge of the bottom alongside a micro USB port that allows you to charge the device but besides these two things, the edges are absolutely clean of buttons. This clean button ensures your grip to remain comfortable throughout your reading session without getting interrupted by pressing buttons unintentionally in Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation.

While the bezels are thicker around the display compared to some other high-end e-reading device, this provides the display of the Kindle Paperwhite review a top-class look compared to the iterations released before and ensures its look to be similar to Kindle Voyage which is discontinued.

The Display

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The only exclusion is that you won't get any buttons to change the page in this Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation, instead one can easily flip the pages with the help of the touchscreen. This omission seems to be a great idea as while reviewing we found it to be interactive with just a touch that reduces the struggle of scrub in your e-book through pages.

The display measures 6 inches that will give you PPI of 300 pixels which is similar to the previous version of Paperwhite and for reading text, 300 PPI pixels seem to be just perfect. While the brightness is slightly enhanced in this version, Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation is not very evident at first glance on the Kindle Paperwhite review.

Being said, the previous version of Kindle Paperwhite was bright enough already but you might welcome this change as it requires just a touch while reading under the sunlight. In case you want to get a new look for the Paperwhite then you can simply get any of these five cases that are made of different materials. There is leather material available and also woven material, you can choose whatever fancy you.

Battery Life

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Kindle Paperwhite review proves that the claim of Amazon of its battery lasting for almost a week's time is absolutely true. We have been using Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation for about one day daily and the battery dropped only 30% over that period. This means it can be used for about three weeks but of course, eventually, it will depend on the usage.

It is obvious that if you will read more in a single day then the battery will get low quicker but even if you one is reading for just two or three hours in a day keeping the high brightness then you might need to recharge before a week's time.

While the fact is that different brightness levels will consume different battery percentages, the Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation ensures that it does not take much time to charge again with the help of micro USB plugs the cable at the bottom. 

It doesn't provide you with six weeks of battery like Kindle Oasis but definitely you won't be disappointed to keep in the bag and read on it while traveling or commuting to your work back and forth for days in kindle paperwhite amazon.


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As mentioned even in the display section that it provides the user with an experience of comfortable reading and the software of kindle paperwhite amazon ensures that it is easier for non-tech savvy people to use the device. Audiobooks integration is an important feature that has been taking from the premium Oasis and pack in the affordable version of the Paperwhite.

These audiobooks integration actually enable the user for listening to the audible titles with the help of Bluetooth speaker or even Bluetooth headphones. Even when you are traveling, you can easily upload everything to the kindle paperwhite Amazon and with the help of Bluetooth connect your device and listen to the eBooks.

There is a storage option available for 8 GB and 32 GB. In this Kindle Paperwhite review, we would recommend going for 32 GB only when you are looking forward to listening to audiobooks more than reading on it. Otherwise, 8 GB can accommodate thousands of books to read as the file sizes are relatively smaller than audiobooks.


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As the kindle paperwhite amazon is incorporated with all the features along with Amazon's millions of eBooks + audiobooks, the latest Paperwhite has the latest software integrated. One software we got fond of is that it allows you to change the preferences of your font, this will allow multiple users to read on the same Kindle.

Someone might read in large fonts while some might need smaller fonts, with this new software you can easily set up multiple products for different family members or friends. There is also a dark mode feature that shows the white-colored text on a darker color page which is useful in kindle paperwhite Amazon.


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The kindle paperwhite amazon is waterproof which will ensure the safety of the device even if you keep it in your bag that also consists of a juice bottle or something that might spill. If you already own an older version of the e-reader then we would suggest you upgrade it to Paperwhite that comes with additional features that provide an amazing experience while reading. 

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