9 Best Indian Movies Free to Watch on Amazon Prime

May 22


OTT platforms are becoming new face for filling to entertaining quotient with Best Indian movies free for not only youth but also targeting all age groups and regions. There are movies available from Bollywood along with other regional movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and so on.

Amazon Prime has lately turned out to be a favorite platform for Indian movie makers to release their movies directly rather than having them released first in cinema halls. Your smartphones have become enough to get entertained by all means as Prime started pumping way too many films on the platform almost every week.

In fact, choosing what to watch from their huge catalog has become a task for us. Hence, we have shortlisted best Indian movies free that is available now.


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This is a Kannada film movie released in 2020. “Dia” is a romantic-drama film that is about a young girl who is an introvert and finally finds a boy calls Rohith who exactly opposite of her. What makes the movie engaging is how an introvert girl tries to express her interest in the boy and that becomes a challenge for her. The film stars Pruthvi Ambaar and Kushi Ravi which is directed by K. S. Ashoka.


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The movie is created in the Telugu language that stars Ruhani Sharma and Vishwak Sen in the main characters. HIT is a thriller that gives you a breath-taking session while watching the movie which was made possible by excellent penning skills of Sailesh Kolanu. This rollercoaster ride goes on for about two hours and ten minutes with amazing performance and characters are absolutely unorthodox.

Dharala Prabhu

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Dharala Prabhu got official rights to remake Vicky Donor which was released in the Hindi language. Dharala Prabhu was later made in Tamil by Krishna Marimuthu that stars Vivekh and Harish Kalyan as main leads. Marimuthu's faith in recreating this unusual cinema for movie-goes made this piece worth watching again in different languages. You will experience sensible performance provided by Vivekh that acts as comical relief. This taboo topic did wonders when it comes to business.

Jawaani Jaaneman

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This is a Bollywood movie which packs with an engaging storyline around the father's love and hates relation with the daughter. Nitin Kakkar directed this movie which stars one of the popular actors Saif Ali Khan and there is a new face that plays her daughter's role, Alaya F. The story isn't unique nor you will get many surprises while watching the movie but if you love Bollywood comedy that has a good amount of romance then this will become your "one-time" movie.

Ayyappanum Koshiyum

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Someone who is fond of movies such as Gangajal or local cop-based movies then Ayyappanum Koshiyum is the film made in Malayalam language and of course available with subtitles for non-Malayalam speakers to experience. The movie has Biju Menon and Prithviraj Sukumaran in main characters which are a Sachy directed. Ayyappan Nair is a Sub Inspector that clashes between an official of ex-military Koshi.


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A. R. Murugadoss made this film with well-respected actor Rajnikanth that was cast with Nayanthara. The movie talks about women trafficking and drugs in this thriller which is pack with action scenes. The movie will make you experience a mix of love, comedy, action, and filled with a lot of sentiments. The movie may seem familiar and predictable after a certain time that had backfire but Rajnikanth has carried the entire movie very well on his shoulder alone that makes you forget about certain mistakes.

Good Newwz

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The film casts the biggest Bollywood actors such as Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kaira Advani, and Diljit Dosanjh that provide you a fun ride from the very start to the end. However, you will come across many sequences that are emotional as well. Overall, the experience is fantastically entertaining for movie-goers as there are great scenes that are unique for the Hindi audience. Whereas, some of the scenes might be picked up from international cinema and television such as FRIENDS.

Section 375

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If you are into realistic movies then this Ajay Bahl's film will ensure that you don't leave your screen until the movie ends. In fact, the end will amaze you with the way things will unfold. The case of sexual assault is showcased between a film director with a female designer who looks into the costume. There is definitely a courtroom drama that helps to highlight various issues that Indian society is dealing with.

Ujda Chaman

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Abhishek Pathak's Ujda Chaman performed really well with the youth as the connectively and relatability was high. This a crisp movie that runs for about 120min comedy-drama that as veteran actors in the supporting roles that ensure the experience is great throughout the movie. This movie showcase insecurity about the weight of a girl along with the baldness of a young guy who wants to have a beautiful wife. The way they show their faces to the world and their own reality which makes them realize truth much later in the movie makes it end on a ‘happy note’ but how they reach is pretty interesting to watch.


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Indian movies are well-known for their musical culture along with its language as Indians make tons of movies in various languages. The above-mentioned best Indian movies free belong to either Bollywood, Tollywood, or Kollywood industry that is booming in regional areas. 

Thanks to the latest trend of following the norm of releasing good quality movies on Amazon Prime that allows users to experience such engaging content which was never available on-demand before.

These movies can be enjoyed with family on a big screen as you can simply cast Amazon Prime to their smart television and then experience these amazing contents. One thing is for sure that once you have Amazon Prime, it is difficult to get bore.

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