8 Best UV flashlights and buying guidelines for you

May 09

8 best UV flashlights



Ultraviolet flashlights have been a boon to mankind ever since its invention. They serve several uses and this has made everyday life convenient and comfortable.  Ultraviolet flashlights are unlike ordinary ones. From the detection of Automotive fluid spillage to spotting gemstones and even the tiniest things that might otherwise stay beyond your naked vision. Read on to know more about them.


8 best UV flashlights:


Darkbeam  395  SK 68  UV flashlight:

If you are looking for an ultraviolet flashlight to detect the tiniest of substances whether it is bed bugs or pet stains, this is the one for you. It easily illuminates the area during the daytime without the need for you to scan it at night.  




·         Lightweight and handy, it comes with an easy attachable clip.

·         Adjustable focal beams and high-quality detection.

·         A robust and strong design which adds to its durability and long-lasting functionality.

·         The body of the ultraviolet flashlight is made up of a strong aluminum alloy which makes it travel friendly. 

·         A super bright LED lamp that can spot almost anything.

·         The beam light can be enlarged or narrowed down to the specific area.



·         It comes with a single lighting mode. 




This ultraviolet flashlight features a zoomable design and convex lens that illuminates the area that the light is flashed on. The super bright light is emitted from 5W Led UV 395 400 nm. The lens is protected by a strong head that protects it from attacks, slips, and accidental fall. The on and off button on the Flashlight is made up of silicon material that makes it reliable and durable for use. 

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2.                   Lightfe UV 302 - 365 nm Flashlight:

This ultraviolet flashlight does not use diode lamps like others in the market. Instead, it uses an SMD LED source.  It is known for its durability and reliability during use. It emits a constant bright beam of light. It is also known for its quality and extended runtime.  Unlike other ultraviolet flashlights, this one exhibits continuous performance for about six to eight hours. 



·         It comes with reverse polarity protection that prevents damage when the battery is wrongly inserted.

·         Easy manual operation with the inbuilt intelligent chips circuit.

·         Prevents overheating with intelligent heat management Technology.

·         The current output is digitally regulated on this ultraviolet flashlight and this prevents unexpected drain out of power.



·         Battery life does not last long.



This ultraviolet flashlight features a powerful LG 365 nm SMD LED source. It is capable of an impressive output power of 3000 mw. It comes with a black filter lens that emits out a powerful beam light. It is anti-scrape, resistant to water, abrasions, and corrosive substances. It exhibits excellent workmanship and features IPX - 8 waterproof protections that prevent damage even if submerged in water. 


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3.                   Loftek Ultraviolet flashlight:

The Lofttek ultraviolet flashlight is the best choice if you are looking to easily detect Scorpions, pet stains, and bed bugs. This is possible with its several inbuilt high-quality ultraviolet LED bulbs all in one piece that illuminates the area unlike any other. It is also easy to install and user-friendly with the instruction manual that comes with it.



·         Sturdy and well-built rugged aluminum alloy construction makes it durable and enables a long service life.

·         Easily reveals the unseen with its powerful ultraviolet beam that highlights both indoors and outdoors.

·         It can be used up to 1,00,000 hours.



·         The powerful beam light can affect the eyes.



This ultraviolet flashlight features several LED bulbs of 390 NM to 395 NM. The powerful LED bulbs exhibit a large wavelength and coverage. The external body is made up of strong aluminum alloy and silicone O rings that are anti-stain, anti-water resistant, anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive.  


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4.                   Letion ultraviolet flashlight:

The letion ultraviolet flashlight is ideal for all types of outdoor activities like night fishing, travels, hiking, water sports, and more.  It is man’s friendly tool for adventurous activities and suitable for indoor use as well.  It can also highlight fungus in food and infected surroundings. 



·         The powerful 395 NM UV flashlight beams can spot almost anything from pet stains to fungi and counterfeited currency.

·         The powerful ultraviolet beam flashes can be alternated between white and purple.

·         Easy adjustment and scaling of the coverage and field of view. 

·         Lightweight and easy to carry.

·         User-friendly and can be used in a storm or rainy surroundings.



·         The flashlight minimizes vision in the naked eye of children and the elderly. 



This ultraviolet flashlight is unique from the rest as it features 4 lighting modes that can be switched easily to meet the needs of the user. This includes ultraviolet light, high white light, low white light, and SOS light. It features an anti-slip design and black mirror UV filter light that emits pure light beams.


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5.                   Tao Tronics ultraviolet flashlight:

This is the ultraviolet flashlight to choose if you are looking for a cost-effective option. It exhibits an ultraviolet wavelength of 395 NM and comes with a twelve months warranty that can be further extended for 18 months upon registration.



·         Suitable for versatile use.

·         High-powered batteries enable the beams to spot stains almost instantly.

·         The ultraviolet light LED performs for a long lifespan of 15 years.

·         Can be easily carried in the pocket or car without damages.

·         Works powerfully in dark environments.



·         Does not detect cat urine and ineffective on reactive surfaces.



This ultraviolet flashlight is available in two models - TT-FL001 and TT-FL002. The first model features 12 tenacious ultraviolet light bulbs and the other comes with 51 pcs. The high powered ultraviolet flashlight works well on detecting counterfeits and unwanted chemicals and whitening substances in cosmetics. 


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6.                    UV Monster ultraviolet flashlight:

The UV Monster ultraviolet flashlight emits super bright beams of light and has a wider coverage with its 100 LED bulbs. It functions on extreme power backup and is 40% bright when compared to the other competitors in the market. It works well to detect almost any from rodent’s feces to dogs, cats, forensics, and even in repairs. 



·         Saves money as it is budget-friendly.

·         Saves time in searches with its powerful ultraviolet backlight flash beams.

·         Perfect in detecting leaks; areas for repair; contamination; medical forensic; spotting Scorpions and more.

·         40% more brightness and works well in both bright and dark environments.

·         Anti-abrasive; non-slip; waterproof and dustproof.

·         20 hours of battery performance capability.



·         The bright light affects the eyes of pets and humans.



It features a non-slip aluminum alloy body that makes it ideal for outdoor use. It comes with a wrist strap that enables it to be strapped on to the wrist and prevents slippage. It is capable of a higher UV Radiant intensity of 18 Watts bulbs. It comes with 100 inbuilt 18 Watts ultraviolet light bulbs which make it a powerful beast in detection and searches. 


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7.                   Escolight Ultraviolet flashlight:

The escolight ultraviolet flashlight is a friend for Hunters and geologists. It reveals the Invisible parts of the universe with its brilliant ultraviolet light. It is the ultimate necessary flashlight for hunting rare minerals; Scorpions; micro creatures; and pet messes. If you are looking forward to bring about a change in your fieldwork, then the escolight ultraviolet flashlight with its 395 now is the one.



·         Durable and long-lasting.

·         Long performance and service life.

·         Better functionality and user friendly.

·         Budget-friendly.

·         Great compact and rugged design.

·         Works for both indoor and outdoor spaces.



·         Does not come with 3AA batteries.



 The brilliant ultraviolet light covers a larger area. It features 51 ultraviolet LED light bulbs.

 It is a combination of powerful compactness, strength, durability and economy all in one piece.

 High premium quality and long-lasting aluminum alloy.


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8.                   Oxy LED Oxy wild Ultraviolet flashlight:

The oxy LED Oxy wild Ultraviolet flashlight is multifunctional and the battery power settings enable you to use it both indoors and outdoors. This ultraviolet flashlight effectively works on all surfaces like that of your bathroom, bedroom, garden, backyard, etc. It can easily pinpoint even the darkest and hidden spots out there. 



·         The compact size of the ultraviolet flashlight saves space.

·         It can be placed into your toolbox, backpack, pocket, or even clipped onto your belt. 

·         High premium quality construction.

·         Brighter and more effective than ordinary flashlights.



·         Low quality of the LED bulbs in the flashlight.



The ultraviolet wavelength off the flashlight admitted is 395 nm. Capable of 30% move brilliant flashlights more than others. The oxy LED Oxy wild Ultraviolet flashlight comes with inbuilt 51 ultraviolet LED bulbs. Functions up to 1,00,000 hours. 



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It can be a challenging task to choose the right UV flashlight from the above listed best ones on the market. When deciding on one, it is important to compare each of them and take into consideration its pros, cons features and that of your needs. The above ultraviolet flashlights are all efficient and multi-functional and serve its purpose. Choose wisely and use your ultraviolet flashlight to its fullest potential. 

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