6 Most Popular & Followed Tik Tok Accounts of 2020

Apr 18

TikTok is one of the most followed social media platforms in the world. It is available in more than 150 countries and has 1 billion plus users worldwide. In fact, the TikTok app is loved by its users and is downloaded for over 2 billion times.

The popularity of this app is rising day by day, and it has given us some of the most entertaining stars. Though there are a lot of celebrities active on this platform, it is exciting to see that some common users and influencers have gained most followers. Here are the profiles with most followers on TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is a 15-year-old dancer and has more than 47.5 million followers. She has become an overnight sensation, and her videos are going viral all over the world. Within 10 months of joining the app, she has gathered a majority of the followers and now rules the platform with her entraining videos and bold dance moves.

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Loren Gray


Not only on TikTok, but Loren gray is a very famous influencer on various social media platforms and has 42.2 million followers. She does not only make highly entertaining videos but is also a great recording artist and is signed by Capital Records and Virgin records. She also has released 6 studio singles and creates videos based on comedy skits and famous dance challenges.

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Zach King


The third most popular use on TikTok is Zach king. He has more than 40.9 million followers and has created around 200 videos to date. He is a 30 years old YouTuber that prepares videos that feature some exciting tricks. He uses his amazing tricks to edit his videos and thus has become one of the most followed personalities on the platform.

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The official TikTok account is the account with 4th most followers. With more than 38+ million followers and more than a billion active users monthly, this is the account that mostly features videos related to some features TikTok creators, introducing updates about the brand and sharing the tips and updates about the app.

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Riyaz Aly


Riyaz aly is a 16 year old Indian actor and has around 35 million followers. He has posted around 1500 videos and is well known for posing lip-synch videos on the platform. He is also an influencer and fashion blogger whose videos often go viral with the #DuetWithRiyaz challenge, where he welcomes the fans and users to make videos with him.

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Addison Rae


Addison Rae is very famous for her surreal and fantastic dance moves and has over 32 million followers on TikTok. She was not a highly recognized before using TikTok, and since after using the app in 2019, she has become one of the loved users on the platform. She also collaborates with some fast-rising stars and video makers and thus has become a widely popular star in such a less period.

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It is so amazing to see such young and energetic individuals gaining fame and fortune through the Tiktok. No wonder, how social media changes life of a normal individual. You just need to know the right way of using it.





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