6 Best Hand Truck Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020!

May 06


The best hand truck for 2020 has just made its red carpet entrance on this list. Carrying and transferring heavy load after heavy load is a feat that only superheroes can accomplish with eyes closed. Companies have been coming up with hand trucks that work only half the time, or less. 

Similarly, safety is a point that should be addressed. The latter, not many manufacturers have been taking into account when it comes to the equipment in focus. What then is the solution? A hand truck that will exceed expectations!

In the matter of selecting the right one, essential features such as durability and hardwearing capacity are to be given attention. You’ll want it to withstand varying weights. At the same time, you’ll want it to last for a long period. 

High in tensile strength? Oh, yes. Definitely! Not only should it do the job well, but it should also let you put in less effort and work. After all, that is what you’re aiming for: something that’s highly efficient and enduring when it comes to transporting and stocking materials, luggage, and cargo. 

That said, below are the Top 6 Best Hand Truck Reviews that you can use as your guide in selecting your ideal hand truck.

6 Best Hand Truck - Reviews Galore!

1. Cosco 12312ABL 1E Hand Truck

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Are you finally realizing that you need not merely than a hand, even two, to get the heavy-lifting job done in your warehouse? Enter, the Cosco 12312ABL 1E Hand Truck. It’s the best hand truck for business as well as for home. 

Extendable Function

Is your mind going in circles when you think about how anyone, or anything, can possibly transfer extra cargo in a lesser amount of time? Contemplating on how you can make fewer trips and yet still transfer said extra cargo swiftly? 

It has an extendable frame that you can lengthen and thus gives you an added transport space. 

Tough And Weight-Resilient

50 pounds. 100 pounds. In fact, why not 500 pounds? You can still go on with that number. This hand truck is capable of withstanding 1000 pounds! Which means it’s stronger than similar equipment of its kind in the market. 


  • Convenient to operate and move in different directions

  • Can be extended to accommodate long stocks


  • Requires much effort when gripping its separate handles

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/v1qrc8h98fc6tw96

2. Harper Hand Truck

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Versatile has a new name and it’s Harper Hand Truck. This best hand truck can be transformed into 2 forms. With this, moving a ton of objects in a single go will be possible because of its wheel placement. 

Convertible 2-Wheel to 4-Wheel Placement 

One, its upright position, where you’ll have 2 strong wheels at its base. Second, you’ll have 4 wheels to support more objects atop it when you lay it horizontally. This will prove beneficial for tall, vertical transportable items. Likewise, it will be useful for hauling more merchandise. 

Lightweightedness At Its Finest 

You wouldn’t want a hand truck that will weigh you down, along with the already heavy load on it. Here’s one that’s only 15 pounds in weight! It’ll be convenient to push or drag around compared to other weightier carts.


  • A set of wheels are on its front mount as well as on its upper frame

  • Can be interchanged from a 2-wheel use to a 4-wheel use

  • Very lightweight


  • Holds a few objects at a time because of its small frame.

Where to buy:https://go.valueq.com/d3pynr7hltyjujq1

3. Milwaukee Hand Truck

6 Best Hand Truck Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020! image 3

If you want the best hand truck that’s of the utmost sturdiness, then you won’t have to turn your gaze elsewhere. Fixate on the Milwaukee Hand Truck. If you’re talking about a powerful, industrial-grade roller, you’re on the right page.

Tires Than Won’t Tire

Roll cargo smoothly as this hand truck has wheels that are manufactured with pneumatic tires. Due to this, it can roll over rough and irregular surfaces without incurring damage on said tires. 

Above-Average Casters 

Back to its tires--- 5-inch casters for further weight-carrying assistance. If you’re worried the commodities are too heavy, you shouldn’t. This best hand truck can and will hold its own. Moreover, those very casters have a swivel function which allows you to manoeuvre the device seamlessly. 


  • Great for industrial usage

  • Can be utilized over varying terrain 


  • The smaller wheels on the frame are made of plastic.

Where to buy:https://go.valueq.com/aayz8n5flmgmulr3

4. Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

6 Best Hand Truck Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020! image 4

You have to admit, its name is catchy and striking. Would you agree? With a strong name as such, to expect incredible returns is normal. And it would be appropriate for the Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck. 

Ergonomic Handle

Take a look at the best hand truck that has telescoping handles that offer a comfortable grip. Trudging heavier-than-thou wares can cause strain in your arms. Not only that, but it may also cause your palms to bruise and callus. 

Therefore, we’d like you to take note that this product’s telescoping handles are ridged for that ergonomic feel. Additionally, it extends to 39 inches in length! 


  • Handles provide a good and relaxed grip

  • Complicated assembly not needed 


  • Restricted to lightweight cargo

Where to buy:https://go.valueq.com/r0vdfcbcrr1nycb3

5. Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck

6 Best Hand Truck Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020! image 5

It’s not over yet! We’ve got another best hand truck that’s known for its weight-carrying capacity. Ultimately, if that’s the requirement you’re pining after, then turn to the Cosco 3-in-1 Hand Truck. 

Convertible Rugged Make

You know you’re getting the best hand truck because weight won’t be an issue. And we mean that very literally. When transformed into its 4-wheel posture, it can sustain a 1000-pound load. In its 2-wheel posture, it can sustain up to 800 pounds. 

Commercial-Level Quality 

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit from this hand truck. In actuality, many businesses rely on it considering that it follows through with its claim of being made with quality materials. Aluminium and steel are its major components so it’s understandable that it is, without a doubt, firm and durable indeed. 


  • Transformable into differing frame lengths with no screws and tools required

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant 


  • Limited to vertical and horizontal converting so an angle-back formation is not possible

Where to buy:https://go.valueq.com/2uj1b802fm6v2mf9

6. Milwaukee Hand Trucks 49977

6 Best Hand Truck Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020! image 6

We’re on the final number of the lot yet the wheels still keep on turning! Wheel toughness is an element that most tend to fixate on. Hulk-worthy merch warrant wheel support that’s not your ordinary, next-door type. Hello, Milwaukee Hand Trucks 49977! 

Flow Back Handle For Maneuvering Ease 

Unlike others, this best hand truck has a flow back handle. This means that the handles aren’t separate. They have a continuous “flow”, hence its name so that it provides you with single-hand guiding when necessary. 

Unique Steel Tubing 

Most people don’t pay attention to this component but this hand truck’s 1.25 steel tubing accounts for another degree of durability. 


  • Tubular crossbars for supplementary strength 

  • Hassle-free clutching


  • Meant for large-capacity hauling because of its enormous structure

Where to buy:https://go.valueq.com/111tijam8g137ac2

Here’s The Best Hand Truck Buying Guide To Help You!

Stop giving yourself a hard time transporting stock and let the best hand truck be your partner-in-crime, so to speak. Here’s a buying guide you can use in choosing the ultimate hand truck for your home or your business!

Weight limits

There’s a reason why this is at the top of our buying guide. For starters, keep in mind that for cargo weighing anywhere below 100kg, select a hand truck that’s lightweight and transportable. On the other hand, for cargo weighing above the 200kg limit, heavy-duty ones tend to be heavy themselves. 

So be sure to try it out and check firsthand that it won’t be difficult for you to manoeuvre.



Think of this as a part of the foundation of the best hand truck. It supports the weight of the merch and will make or break how easy or difficult it will be for you to pull or push it to its destination. 

A 4-wheel model is the safest choice. Especially in terms of cargo above 100kg. You’ll have the option to convert it to its 4-wheel horizontal form whenever needed. In contrast, 2-wheel models are just right for lighter loads.

Wheel type 

Durable plastic wheels are okay for a lightweight capacity. However, for heavier ones, go for pneumatic tires. They’re typically thicker, wider, and more hardwearing.

Additional accessories

According to your set preferences, you may want to take note of the handle as well. It might be more comfortable to select the best hand truck with a flow back handle for gripping comfort. Then again, this part is up to you. 


There you have it, our Favorites List of the best hand truck for 2020, plus your guide in choosing which one will work excellently for your needs! When in doubt, simply go back to the 4 features mentioned in the guide above and you’re all good. 

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