5 Useful Camping Dishes That Will Ensure Your Outing to Be Successful | Buying Guide

Apr 30, 2020

To ensure that your trip of camping never fails, it is essential to make sure you carry various equipment pieces that will allow you to enjoy the setting. Camping dishes play an important role as consuming meals becomes the most necessary part and choosing the right set of dishes is a must.

Getting the meals ready while you are on a trip or in a natural setting then the most demanding part but one cannot deny that the meal cooked in the outing usually turns out to be rewarding. Besides having a bonfire or a table setup that is surrounded with your family and friends, it is the fresh meal cooked, it could be lunch, dinner, or even breakfast early morning while enjoying the sunrise.

The smell of cooking the meals outdoor when aroma surrounds you is difficult to put into the words. While people who love camping are always ready with the camping grill or a portable stove that helps them to cook but the most overlook thing that is essential on camping is the tableware.

Yes, nobody wants to search into the kitchen drawers for suitable tableware just before you are leaving for a trip. Here are the top 5 camping dishes for you.


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Gone are the trips when you have to carry an entire dinner set even though the number of people traveling is less. In fact, how about this idea of buying a dinner set for each person? Yes, the ideal way of carrying a set to a camping dishes is to buy set for every person. You can easily pick the number of dishes you require depending on the people that are going camping. 

If you require set for only two people then why to carry six plates? This is a set of six pieces that includes a bowl, a plate, a knife, a fork, and most importantly a spoon. The best thing is taking care of this set while traveling is easy as an individual set for dining is created from materials that are there extremely durable even in the rough camping situation that will last for a long amount of time. 

Additionally, cleaning them is super easy, consists of non-leaching technology that helps to remove antimicrobials, and makes your travel easy for mesh snacks along with storage. If there are fewer people on hiking such as lone travelers or probably couples then this is a suitable option. 

It is also great for families if they don't want to mix up the colors and waste money on buying multiple entire set for people. It will save money and the colors are bright enough to set the mood of the camping.


  • Extremely portable to carry around

  • It is durable

  • Cleaning becomes really easy

  • It includes the cutlery which is essential while camping

  • Various colors


  • It might get damaged if the food is very hot

  • Spoons are flat for consuming liquid

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5 Useful Camping Dishes That Will Ensure Your Outing to Be Successful | Buying Guide image 2

Light MyFire is built to meet all the requirements of having a meal while you are camping. This kit doesn't just include camping dishes but also consists of boxes to store and accessories require for preparation.

This is an eight-piece of the set that includes a snap box in an oval shape, original Snap Box, harness, strainer along with a board for cutting, pack-up cup, bowl, plate, and a spork. The versatile utensils are included in the kit seem to be attractive for many users.

The packing of the kit is easy as the bowl and plate can easily get together fitted and it will also create additional room for the storage box. While the elastic strap seems to be the weakness of this kit, you can replace it if you want. Plus, the kit is constructed with the material of Polypropylene that ensures its durability.


  • Versatile utensils are included in the kit such as spork

  • Accessories are available

  • It is a BPA-free kit

  • There are seven colors available to choose

  • The durability of the kit is fantastic


  • The elastic strap seems to be the weakness of this kit

  • If you keep the bowl and plate together to save space, there is a chance to leak if any fluid is in the bowl.

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5 Useful Camping Dishes That Will Ensure Your Outing to Be Successful | Buying Guide image 3

This is extremely light in weight and it is a flatpack kit that is great for a solo backpacker. What does the flatpack mean? Well, it allows you to pack all the items in the kit to be packed flat which helps to save a lot of space in the backpack plus the lightweight ensures that the solo traveler doesn't have to carry a lot of weighing unnecessarily.

It can fit in any suitcase neatly and storage is perfect. These camping dishes are BPA-free which are constructed with material that is very much durable along with being non-stick which makes it easy for cleaning. In fact, if you are into fitness and don’t like to use much oil then this non-stick kit will help you using no oil at all.


  • It is a BPA-free camping product

  • Durable material helps to ensure it can be carried for long

  • It is non-stick which means no extra oil required for cooking

  • Good for solo travelers

  • Flatpack is great for those who want to save more space

  • Good design

  • Light-weighted that can be carried by just one person throughout the camping

  • An alternate option for disposable dishes


  • Snaps might be a problem during the cold weather

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5 Useful Camping Dishes That Will Ensure Your Outing to Be Successful | Buying Guide image 4

You are someone who is fond of a unique look on their camping dishes then this 12-plate set will definitely stand out when it comes to the design part. The design of these dishes and plates gives you a retro feel and funky look that has outdoor views, maps, and campervans designed in the center in colors that are soothing to your eyes.

The sizes of the plates are also different such as four plates are for having your full meals, four plates are made for serving salad while there are four bowls also included in the set. These dishes can be used even otherwise when you are not camping and clean them in the dishwasher by placing them in the top-shelf.

The melamine material of the set ensures its durability. While the features are appealing, looking at the weight of the dishes will make you realize the downside.


  • Unique design

  • Durability is great

  • Various sizes are available to serve

  • Cleaning becomes easier

  • It can be cleaned in a dishwasher as well on the top-shelf


  • It can't be used in a microwave for heating

  • It is heavier compared to other camping products

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This set is great for the family who loves to go camping but considering the budget. This is the cheapest option for four people that is available currently which includes 12 pieces. The set comes with four cups, four bowls, and four plates.

They are not only durable but also very much flexible as they are made with polypropylene material that is absolutely BPA-free. Considering its price, the quality of these camping dishes is wonderful and sturdy that can be used for cold along with hot food. The weight is so light that it makes it ideal to take during camping and also, they get clean easily.

There is no cutlery included in the set that seems to be a shame while the price is so cheap that buying the cutlery separately won't get you a pinch. The size of the cups is small for certain people but again it should not become a great issue while you are at a camp.


  • Cleaning is easy

  • Weight is incredibly light

  • It is not very pricey, in fact, it is budgeted set

  • Heat doesn't make it soft


  • No cutlery

  • Size of the cups are small

  • After a while, you might notice scratches on the surface

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No matter which camping dishes you choose, it is worth ensuring that they have to be light in weight relatively, durable for a long time, and also make sure that you can clean them with ease during the trip. While the category of stuff is broad enough to choose from but we mentioned above list will allow you to sort the things you actually need for the kind of food item you are willing to carry on your trip.

They are best-rugged tableware, best dishes along with utensils that will ensure your next trip is a success. Additionally, keep certain things in your mind while choosing camping dishes. One of them is functionality unless you have enough space in your car to travel. It is better to select utensils that are good enough to be used for multiple things and serve various purposes.

For instance, the plates that consist of a high-end side can provide a double bowl area which means you could use one utensil instead. You can take various material dishes for camping such as Plastic, Enamel, Aluminum, Titanium, and Stainless steel.

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