5 best war movies on Amazon Prime:

May 23

Amazon Prime has one of the largest collections of war movies. War movies are always packed with action, suspense and tell tales of battles won and wars fought. Some of them might be historic while others are modern-day ones. War movies are popular not just amongst the elderly but also by the younger generation.  Most of these war movies on Amazon Prime are box office hits that depict survival during difficult times with superheroes courageously fighting and doing their best to save themselves, their countries, and others as well. War movies have dominated the industry since time immemorial and they continue to do so.  They have an epic charm and interesting twist to the storyline.  They have a way of reaching out and touching hearts.  It doesn't matter whether you are a native or speak a particular language or culture; war movies have always had universal appeal. They enable us to relive the pain and horror that comes with war and the hardships that they have to face each day.




This movie is centered on a War fought in April 1945.  It is directed by David Ayer and starrs Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, and Shia Labeouf as the main characters. Our heroes in this movie are battle-hardened fighters having fought several battles for the country.  Upon their return, they are sent on a deadly mission to fight the enemies.  This is one movie that brings heavy military equipment to the scenes and portrays action-packed combat. The movie gives an overall realistic feel as if you are on the battlefield itself instead of in front of the television. It brings out the battle fought in all its fury, the violence of the German Troops, and the heroism of the young soldiers.  This movie glorifies war heroes and how they sacrifice everything to save their country.

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2.                  The Great war:

The Great War is one of the best war movies depicting the braveness of US troopers.  This movie was directed by Steven Luke.  The storyline is all about Lieutenant William Rivers and his squad of US troopers as they embark to fight the enemy and recover the Lost Platoon. It centers on the Great War and how the main characters in the film make it their quest to search for the missing buffalo soldiers. The movie comes with English subtitles that narrate the war scenes with precision and clarity to its viewers. Each scene of this movie has been inspired by real events on the battlefield. It starrs Ron Perlman, Billy Zane, and Bates Wilder as the main heroes in the movie.

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3.                  A sniper's war:

If you are one of those fans of action with war guns, then the sniper's war movie is a must-watch. The scenes take place in Ukraine where a young doctor gets to know about the hidden agenda of a Russian sniper. He tracks the sniper and goes out of the way to unravel the mystery and motives of the sniper. He fights bravely to defend his country from the enemy.  At the battle Frontline.  It is directed by Olya Schechter. It is a documentary of the conflicts and controversies amidst the conflict between the west and the Pro- Russian separatists. This documentary movie keeps the audiences engaged and thirsty for more historic conflicts. It covers the mental, psychological, and emotional perspective of Battle heroes and how it has changed the lives of Ukrainians and the Russians alike.

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4.                   Midway:

 This is a movie about the battle of Midway.  It depicts real scenes of the War fought by World War II soldiers and leaders from various parts of the world.  The information on this movie is obtained from historians with action-packed moves and drama that gives the movie a realistic and gripping touch. The actors in this movie put up a stellar performance depicting vivid scenes from the battle. The flamboyant personalities give it a true to life feel and the magnificent devotion of servicemen in the army and the sacrifices of their families.  This movie is filmed spectacularly showing the power of War, the battleships, Guns and ammunition, aircraft, and warships dating back to the 1940’s. The Midway War movie portrays emotionally charged war scenes that bring out both the heroism and barbarity of the battle of Midway.  This movie is suitable for people of all age groups and even for children.  It gives the viewers an understanding of the high stakes in the war and the braveness of the soldiers fought and how they laid down their lives in this battle.

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5.                  Danger close:

Danger close is another one of the best war movies that create the ultimate ambiance of conflict With real war-like effects.  It is directed by Kriv Stenders and is packed with action scenes of brave soldiers fighting the never-ending battle in Vietnam.  The main character in this movie is Major Harry Smith starred by Travis Fimmel. The storyline is about a Major going into battle with soldiers who have no experience in fighting battles at all. They run out of ammunition with the enemies closing in on them. The movie shows these men fighting courageously and finding ways to tackle the enemy triumphantly. This movie brings out the risks taken by soldiers and the only way to come out alive in a battle is by overcoming the odds with great talent and skills of a fighter. This movie starrs Travis Fimmel, Daniel Webber, and Luke Bracey. 

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The above war movies on Amazon prime are all based on real events and show battles fought and won with great clarity. These movies are not only interesting to watch but also takes you back in time to witness historic wars, the strategies, and techniques used by great leaders. Get comfy on your couch, select your movie, and let the war scenes roll!


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