5 Best Sponge Mops Reviews & Buying Guide 2020!

Jun 16


Best sponge mops! These are the three words home and commercial space-owners think of when it comes to floor maintenance. There are so many sponge mops, each kind with just as many features as the next, it’s easy to get confused with which one to choose. 

We did the hard work for you and narrowed them down to 5, so check out the reviews below.  

Top 5 Best Sponge Mops: Reviews

1. The Double Roller Super Standard Sponge Mop Set

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When it comes to the question of durability, PVA sponge mops are the best. The Super Standard 11" Sponge Mop Set can clean spills or dirt stains on any kind of flooring. 

It isn’t only the best sponge mop for cleaning your home, but it’s also equally workable for commercial as well as outdoor spaces, too.

Adjustable Handle With A Spare Mop

This PVA sponge mop set features a strong telescopic handle that can be easily and ergonomically adjusted according to your height. 

Furthermore, it has a ready-to-use double rolling mop along which comes with a spare. You can conveniently squeeze out the water from its sponge by simply pulling the handle in an upward direction.

Being Clean And Green Is For The Indoors, Too

One of the most attractive elements of this best sponge mop is that it will retain its nice solid color after even cleaning your dirty floors. This is because PVA material has dirt-resistant characteristics.


  • Designed with PVA non-slip gripper

  • Can pick up the smallest dust particles, along with pet hair, like a magnet

  • Full 1-year warranty

  • Doesn’t leach any color or dye

  • Doesn’t leave the floor wet while cleaning 


  • Maximum length of the handle is 55 inches

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/89pafo47qaimdsr3

2.  Libman Roller Mop with Green Pads

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If you want the best sponge mop for floors that often get really dirty really quickly, the Libman Roller Mop is a perfect choice. With a tear-resistant sponge that enables you to scour on and through various kinds of sticky or dirty spots, it can even touch base on tough-to-reach spots such as in between tiles.

Works Well Against Several Surfaces

Here’s the best sponge mop that’s resistant to tearing no matter the texture of the floor, whether it be wooden, vinyl, marble, linoleum, stone, laminate, or ceramic.

Controllable Roller Mechanism 

Ever notice that while cleaning, you often change the side of the mop you’re using by manually twisting it over, and back again? Then you’ll love how this roller will allow you to do that effortlessly, through a lever set on its handle.

Moreover, its super roller mechanism will aid you in squeezing out excess water to prevent the surface from getting too soaked.


  • Comes with a built-in scrub brush

  • Clean angles and corners

  • Lightweight and easy to draw out-handle

  • Convenient hanger tip


  • In excessive usage, foam can disconnect from the mop head

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/bhyzcel5fi17fhc3

3. Casabella Steel Mop

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Are you always in search of amazing aesthetics in terms of the overall look of a sponge mop? You can choose the Casabella original steel mop without needing to do a double-take on it. 

It’s the best sponge mop that will instantly catch your attention due to its simple but attractive design,  which, by the way, is by an Italian manufacturer. Apart from being a bewitching mopping device, it features a grip-friendly steel handle with a sponge mop head at the bottom, and a lever to squeeze it. Above all, this model is convenient to use in cleaning the most obscure locations you can imagine.

Super Absorbent Mop Head

What’s its benefit? We’ll tell you now. This model can pick up particles effortlessly. It makes your cleaning work very efficient & easy. You just need a few minutes to make the surface spotless.

Clean Almost Everything On Anything

Cleaning the floor will never again be an arduous chore to do. This best sponge mop contains a rough texture that can sweep out even the most difficult smudges you can think of! 


  • Heavy–duty lever featuring maximum squeezing

  • Built with a sturdy steel pole

  • Replaceable absorbing sponge with two eye-catching colors

  • Lifetime Guarantee 


  • Heavy in weight

 Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/46tup643o4vo96u4

4. Mr. Clean Power Squeeze Mop

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Want to make cleaning fun and filled with magic? The Mr. Clean Power Squeeze Mop is the most magical cleaning tool to date. It’s the best sponge mop designed for scrubbing dirt, scuffs, and other debris. From the kitchen to bathroom floors, and other rooms in your space, it’s the ideal squeeze mop to own. 

Fits Almost All Refills

What an advantage you’ll get from this best sponge mop! Thanks to Mr. Clean, this magic mop features a universal head that most refills can readily fit into. 

Super Lightweight With A Textured Eraser Pad

Its compact design offers a mere 1.35 pounds in weight. As a result, you can move it around without difficulties and won’t need to bother about long mopping. Plus, its powerful textured eraser pad enables this sponge mop to wipe out tough-to-remove filth.


  • Hassle-free replacing of the mop head

  • Very easy to refill

  • Features a rubber grip for extra comfort

  • Versatile utilization (cleaning bedroom to bathroom also for office room)


  • Some customers claim that it doesn’t meet the standards of a Magic Eraser grade

 Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/wxy7rghq6qnxa4i3

5. Rubbermaid PVA Sponge Mop 

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For a cost-effective and practical way to clean your floor, consider this Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop. This best sponge mop comprises a handle that enables you to squeeze the mop comfortably and speedily by tugging its front lever. Also, It can hold a large amount of water which makes the mopping task a bit easier compared to others.

Commercial Usage

As its name connotes, this mop is suitable for cleaning big commercial facilities like offices, industrial spaces, schools, and other large institutional facilities.


Rubbermaid Sponge has a high resistance to harsh chemicals which, in turn, ensures high durability. In consequence, you don’t have to be inconvenienced with regularly changing the sponge too often.


  • Picks up the most tricky debris like pet hair

  • 37” handle make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas

  • Easily replaceable mop head

  • Sturdy construction 


  • Metal and screws in the mop aren’t rust-proof

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/a8x57mv538nixdm3

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Sponge Mop

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There are varieties of sponge mops available in the market today. But it’s a must that you choose the best sponge mop that fits your requirements. Get excited because here are some guidelines for you that can help you in your purchasing.

Pole and Handle

Sponge mops are available with either poles or telescope handles. The pole handle offers you an excellent grip whereas the telescope handle has a loop beside it for another form of gripping capacity. 

If you have a limited storage space, you should choose the telescope handle instead because its loop will provide you with the means to hang the mop on a wall.  

Another tip is that you should select the mop with an adjustable handle. In this manner, everyone in your house will feel extra comfortable while cleaning.  

Ease Of Use

Of course, you’d want to go for a mop that makes floor mopping a straightforward, stress-free task. Thus, its head should be wide and able to cover a large area in a single swirl. To further this, the weight of the mop will affect its movement. For this reason, go for lightweight mops for optimum mobility. 

Wringing Mechanism 

More often than not, squeezing water from a mop head is troublesome and annoying. Alternatively, pick a sponge mop that has an automatic wringing mechanism. The less effort you make in mop wringing, the more energy and time you’ll have for the rest of your chores for the day.                                                                                                                    


With regards to selecting the proper material of a sponge mop, you must ensure its level of durability. The material is to have the vital property of wear and tear resistance. Consequently, a sponge mop with a durable plastic resin may be a good option.

Replacement Heads

Be sure to focus on another feature: a universal replacement head. This is so that you’ll have several options for using refills. To add, keep an eye out for easy-to-replace head attachments.


We’ve covered various aspects of sponge mops and their uses, to give you a clear picture on finding the best sponge mop for your home. Finally, to close this list of tips and reminders, remember to check a mop’s warranty period as well. 

Now, you’re ready for sponge mop shopping!

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