5 Best Snap Ring Pliers Reviews And Buying Guide For 2020

May 06


You may be a professional handyman. Or perhaps you’re someone who likes doing things DIY when it comes to your home’s fixtures. Whichever category you belong to, you’ll want to include the best snap ring pliers in your toolbox, as soon as possible! 

You can’t go wrong with these fasteners or C-clip snappers. You may or may not be surprised to know those snap ring pliers aren’t your dime-a-dozen pieces. They’re more difficult to find and shop for unless you truly are sure where to look. Hardware stores, even online shopping platforms, have them far and few between. 

Some have tried to utilize other types of pliers. Before you trip and make the same mistake, we’ll stop you right here and now. They won’t work. At least, they won’t work without you having to apply a ton of pressure, and dare we say effort, on it. Maybe even then, it still won’t slice through the ring cleanly.

And that’s exactly what we’re here for! No longer will you have to pull your hair (or your scalp if you don’t have any) in frustration, trying to get a hold of the best snap ring pliers. Check out the top 5 which we have for you below and save on time in search of the Best Snap Ring Pliers. 

5 Best Snap Ring Pliers Simple & Straightforward Reviews

1. Channellock Snap Ring Plier

Whether a verified tool master or a hobbyist who barely knows what he or she is doing with a toolbox (yet is willing to learn), having the precise type of plier that has precise functions is key. The same is true with the Channellock 8-Inch Snap Ring Plier. 

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Get Springy With Its Spring-Powered Mechanism

Most people have said that pliers, especially ones that are affordable but very low in quality, have handles that are difficult to press or squeeze together. In fact, even pairs that are of a higher caliber seem to have the same challenge. 

Not so with this best snap ring pliers! Its spring action is exactly what allows it to have that low-tension grip that won’t cause strain to your hand and arm. Hence, less hand muscle strain means more work done. 

Multipurpose, Replaceable Tips 

Everybody loves a good deal. Everybody loves getting more than what they bargain for and having expectations surpassed. Not just met. When you gaze at this instrument, you’ll immediately notice it’s far from ordinary. 

Here are pliers that have a tip that can be replaced in 5 different ways! That’s right! Each package includes 5 varying tips that can accomplish 5 varying operations depending on what you need them for. 


  • Easy gripping due to return spring system

  • 5-in-1 usage

  • Can switch from internal to external rings in a swift motion 


  • A few users have complained that its internal-external switch doesn’t work at times

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/x1j868z4i0kx6ro9dp/B000TG80SY


2. Neiko Snap ring Plier

Rosies aren’t the only ones that have rings around them (get the nursery rhyme reference?). Without straying from the topic at hand, for snap rings that have a level of durability meant for industrial use, the Neiko Snap-ring Plier Set, 2-Piece is the answer. 

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Geared For Secure Handle-Locking 

Whenever you deal with rings that require stronger pliers, such as for heavy-duty machinery, time and time again, you’ll realize that you’re going to need a way to fixate the plier’s handles and lock them in a certain manner. 

This best snap ring pliers have this very feature. Its handle has a spring-ratchet. What does this jargon mean, you might ask? It’s responsible for steadying its handles when you require them to hold an object for a period. 

Versatile Tips 

You probably weren’t thinking about the word “versatile” in reference to pliers. Well, we’re here to astound you once again! This plier actually has 2 options. To be particular, one is for straight tips. On the other hand, the second and third are for 45-degree or 90-degree tips. 

For this reason, no matter the type of object, ring, surface, you name it, you won’t have any trouble maneuvering this best snap ring pliers in and through them. 


  • Known for its strength capacity

  • For multi-angle, multi-purpose use

  • Large in size; for commercial and industrial servicing


  • More expensive than average snap ring pliers 

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/x1j868z4i0kx6ro9dp/B002E06ULW


3. Lang Snap Ring Pliers

How does the saying go again? The more, the merrier? The question that we must pose--- is this always true, especially with respect to doing work that’s usually completed by skilled tradespersons? Yes, it is, because you have the Lang Tool Snap Ring Pliers, 12-piece. 

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12 Is The Magic Number 

Why choose to buy pliers individually and separately when you can have them in a single go? What would be several trips to the hardware shop and several scrolls and clicks online will be streamlined to the best snap ring pliers right here. 

For a complete set for your snap ring plier lot, this 12-piece number is it. This isn’t only 12 of the same pliers. We’re talking of 4 kinds that you can employ in numerous conditions. 

Back To Basics

It’s always good to go back to what’s traditionally authentic. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re on the correct item. The benefit of having traditional-make pliers is that they’re not complicated at all. 

A touch-and-go type of tool that does exactly what it’s supposed to. For basic work, these 12 pieces are your 12 helpmeets for your next project. 


  • Basic, no-nonsense capability

  • Very affordable

  • A pack of 12


  • Due to its affordable make, it’s said that it has a medium-durability; not for heavy-duty requirements

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/x1j868z4i0kx6ro9dp/B005MVB6TG


4. Cal Hawk Pliers Set

Calling all ye who love packages and have a penchant for quantity in reference to tools! Hear, ye! Another set you’ll love, in addition to the set mentioned on our #3 spot, is the Cal Hawl Tools Pliers Set, 11-piece.

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Grip Comfort For Convenient Snapping And Snipping

There’s a unique segment here which you won’t find is most pliers. For the best snap ring pliers, each piece has insulated vinyl handles. Insulated vinyl handles have thermal propulsion that allows them to be comfortable to grasp and is more resistant to slipping.

Just when we thought comfortable gripping isn’t a necessity. This set made it a necessity, and a necessary element. After all, having convenient-to-hold handles is among the factors that will help you do the job faster and more efficiently, don’t you think?

Carbon Steel All The Way 

You may have already heard or read that carbon steel is a durable material. As a result, you have 11 pairs of pliers that are shock-resistant and strong. 

On a side note, this material is said to have gone through manufacturing processes that are environmental-friendly, as opposed to that of other typical substances. 


  • Box of 11 pieces

  • Blend pliers and straight pliers in the mix


  • Though it contains carbon steel, a few customers have complained that its make is not sturdy; when extreme force is applied, it breaks

Where to buy: https://go.valueq.com/x1j868z4i0kx6ro9dp/B004XRIUS0


5. IRWIN Convertible Snap Ring Pliers

Last but not the least, what’s on the final frontier of our best snap ring pliers reviews will not disappoint. We can tell you this with confidence and surety. For pliers that are a notch higher than the rest, here’s the IRWIN convertible 6-½” Snap Ring Pliers. 

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Because “Convertible” Isn’t Only For Cars 

This characteristic is what this snap ring plier is famous for. It can smoothly and seamlessly be converted from an internal to external use. No need to drop this pair and reach for another. Hold on to the same one and simply change it up. 

Handle Its Handles Better 

You’ll encounter what it’s like to have in your hand ProTouch grips with this brand and model. ProTouch grips have an ergonomic design that’s specific to the contours of your hand, you can effortlessly direct and operate it any way you need to. 


  • Includes interchangeable tips; 2 pairs

  • Comfortable dimensions for grasping


  • A few customers have said that it’s not an all-rounder

2020’s Buying Guide For The Best Snap Ring Pliers

You made it to the very end of this post! Which tells us that you’re serious about finding the ideal snap ring pliers. Although many are confused as to which pair to decide on, continue reading this bit for the best snap ring pliers buying guide. 

Level Of Durability 

We very purposefully put this down as “number 1” because this is an essential feature that will tell you if it’s worth keeping or perhaps not-so. Snap ring pliers are for equally sturdy objects. Thus, it has to be able to withstand both your gripping force along with the pressure to be applied to said objects.

Tip Versatility

This mainly speaks of the best snap ring pliers having the capacity to be used on different sizes and widths. Likewise, you’ll want to check if it has angle variants such as 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 

Grip Comfort 

We call this the no-brainer. The plier’s handle has to be comfortable to you whenever you wield it. Because if it isn’t, it can greatly affect how you’ll work, your speed, as well as the plier’s efficiency. Ergonomic forms are preferable. 


There’s no reason for overthinking it but you do need to think through choosing and relying on the best snap ring pliers you’ll discover! With the assistance of this simple yet direct buying guide, of course. When in doubt, go back to the main essentials for the best snap ring pliers suitable to your conditions.

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