5 best movies for kids 2020 on Amazon Prime:

May 20

Movie nights with kids should be one that is thrilling and entertaining. Most of the time we as parents find that our kids get bored up easily sitting at home once the list of fun activities is exhausted.  This is when movies for kids come in handy. The year 2020 has seen several easy to access movies being made available for viewers on amazon prime.  This enables parents to go about their daily tasks while keeping kids engaged. Movies for kids range from Disney movies adventure, comedy, animation, educational, and lots more.  Old school adventure movies for kids are back on the list with lots of action and mysteries for them to solve. Introduce your kids to a whole new world out there through movies that bring out their smiles and peals of laughter.  Plan out your movie night with your kids and get them to choose the type of movie that they love watching. After all, it's a kids movie night! 





1.      Horrid Henry:

Horrid henry tops the list of movies for kids in 2020 by bringing in a realistic approach to the movie.  It's about how henry fails to submit the homework to his teacher on time.  This kick starts a series of events that sets him on a quest to reach the bottom of it. Henry then collaborates with the girl next door Margaret as they unravel the mysteries of the school. This movie depicts modern-day scenarios of how children have to deal with the corrupt educational system with wicked headmasters, corrupt heads of schools, and various other personalities.  The movie also sees henry taking part in a talent contest and coming out at the top.  This movie teaches kids to stand up and face their bullies and nemesis that they encounter daily. This movie was directed by Nick Moore and starrs Angelica Huston, Richard E. Grant, and other characters. 


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2.      Wonder park:

The wonder park movie give your kid an all-round fun adventure with characters that only kids can dream of. The wonder park created in the movie and the characters are all animations.  Through this movie, children discover that anything is possible if you set your heart to it.  The storyline is about a young girl June who brings together her animal friends as they have fun in the sun and create memories. When they find that the park is about to be broken down, they sit together and plan an unforgettable and brilliant way to save it. The wonder park movie starrs Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, and John Oliver. 


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3.      Dora and the lost city of gold:

Dora is an adventurous character for school girls as she touches the hearts of anyone watches these movies. In this movie, Dora goes on a wild journey of adventure and thrills to find parents who disappeared mysteriously. The journey takes her to the lost city of gold as she encounters several other characters and makes friends with them.  The character of Dora is one who is brilliant, vibrant, and full of life to solve the mysteries that surround her. The movie takes your kids to a whole new world of adventure, treasure hunts, and mysteries to be solved.  Watching the movie of Dora and the lost city of gold will soon get your kids scrambling to dig into the deep secrets of the fabled lost city of gold.  This popular movie for kids James Bobin and starrs Isabela Moner, Eugenio Derbez, and Michael Pena. This movie falls under the genre of comedy, action, and kids’ adventure. 


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4.      The stolen princess:

The stolen princess is the perfect movie for boys, girls and teenagers too.  If your kids dream of fairy tales with charming princes and beautiful damsels, surprise them with the stolen princess movie.  This movie has it all, from knights in shining armor to characters in the royal family, witches, sorcerers and the evil forces. It tells the story of Ruslan, a charming man who comes face to face with Mila, the royal princess.  They meet and fall madly in love at first sight.  They try to overcome the obstacles of their positions in society. This drives away their happiness of a life together. The princess is then abducted by a wicked evil sorcerer.  Shocked beyond words of the disappearance of his lady love, he gets his companions together and embarks on a journey to save the royal princess.  The journey of Russian and his companions as they search as they fight the forces of evil and various obstacles to once again be with the love of his life is thrilling. This movie was directed by Oleg Malamuzh. The characters starred in this movie are Alison Leigh Rosenfeld, Dan Edwards and Abe Goldfarb. The movie has English subtitles that detail every narration of the storyline for kids to follow.


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5.      White lion:

The white lion movie takes your kids on a safari tour and several perilous adventures.  It was directed by Michael Swan and starrs Jamie Bartlett, and John Kani.  This movie is about Gisani and his love for animals. One day he comes across a white lion cub and names it Letsatsi.  He discovers that it had been driven away from its pride of lions and is now left to survive on its own.  The young boy takes care of the cub and they become friends through the years.  The cub grows to become a magnificent lion that has to go back to his home in the forest as a lion king. The young Letsati overcome his fears and face the greatest challenges that come his way.


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Now that you have combed through amazon prime best movies for kids, subscribe and stream them on your television. All of the above kids movies create a theatre-like experience that gets your kids passing away the time as they enter their own magical land. 

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