5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

May 21

Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime



If you’re a die-hard movie fan then you must have come across all kinds of movies from European, American, and Asian industries. One of the most remarkable movie producers in Asia is South Korea. For the past two decades, South Korea's determined producers have greatly contributed to the success of the market and to the globalization of the Korean Movie industry (commonly called Hallyuwood).



Unfortunately, these movies are not something you can expect to pick up on your way to the market. Unlike Hollywood movies, you must know exactly where to find Korean movies. My best suggestion is Amazon Prime. It has a vast collection of movies produced long ago and those produced recently. Feel free to catch up.

So, which Korean movies should you watch out for on Amazon Prime?

1.The Man Standing Next

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Released: 22nd January 2020

Genre: Thriller| History

Director: Min-ho Woo

Rating: 7.1

Price: $19.99 DVD, $22.99 Blu-ray

On October 26, 1979, a fateful tragedy fell upon the President of South Korea, Park Chung-Hee. Some described him as a ruthless dictator who had risen to power after a coup staged back in 1961. For more than a decade, Park ruled his nation as a dictator until he was assassinated by the Chief of the South Korean Intelligence Agency, Kim Jae-Gyu.

Based on true events this movie captures the events occurring 40 days before Park Chung-Hee's assassination.

Plot summary:

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In the 1970s KCIA (Korean Intelligence Agency) is the most powerful government body directed by Kim Kyu-Pyeong. Kim is the best-fit successor second in command after the South Korean president. A former KCIA director Park Yong-gak exiles to the US. He knows all the government activities, even the most secret operations.

Yong-gak intends to publish a memoir revealing all the dirty dealings of his government but Kim is obliged to talk him out of it. What happens next? Why is the president assassinated? The answers can be found in this movie.

Main Cast:

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Sung- Min Lee as (Park)

Byung-Hun Lee as (Kim Kyu-Pyeong)

Do-Won Kwak (Park Yong-gak)

So-Jin Kim (Deborah Shim)


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Released: 30th 5 2019

Genre: Drama | Comedy |Thriller

The Director: Joon-ho Bong

Rating:  8. 6

Price: $3.99 to rent

Family comes first before everything else. Even for a not wealthy family, there is the hope of rising to a rich status through education. This movie “Parasite” tells a story of a not very wealthy family that lives in the low class district of Seoul. This people struggle each day to make sure that ends meet and they have to endure humiliating moments to go through. On the hand talks about love for a rich girl that is still going to school and two friends eyeing to capture her heart. Below is the plot;

The Plot Summary:

5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now image 5

The Kims family are people that live in abject poverty in the basement located in the lower class economy. Their eldest son, Ki-woo Kim has high hopes for eliminating this situation by joining a university someday. One of his friend Min-Hyuk (belonging to a wealthy family) comes to visit them and hands them a rock that is believed can bring wealth to anyone who wields it.

Then he offers Ki-woo Kim the opportunity to go for the job tutoring the rich girl Da-Hye, belonging to the rich Park Family. Ki-woo does not prior history of ever attending university but Min then promises to try and vouch for him. Min knows well that his friend will lookout Da-Hye until he comes to Seoul, for a proposal. Ki-woo interviews with the Parks family and realizes an opportunity for his sister Ki-Jung, who presents herself under a fake identity “Jessica”.

Ki Jung comes in as the art tutor for Mrs. Park’s son Da-Song. She gets the Park family limo driver fired to create a position for her dad Ki-Taek. Eventually, the whole Kim’s are hired after a series of clever maneuvers.

The other events are very interesting, with a series of twists and dramas which will keep you on your seat for 2 hours. Most people confess that this is among the best movies ever released by the Korean film industry. It is worth looking out for.

Main cast:

Choi Woo (Ki-woo)

Song Kang-ho Ki-taek, Ki-woo’s father

Park So-dam (Ki-Jung)

Jung Ji-so (Da-hye)

Park Seo-Joon (Min Hyuk)

3. Extreme Job

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Release date: 23rd January 2019

Genre:  Crime| Action| Comedy

The Director: Byeong-heon Lee

Rating: 7.1

Price: $3.99 to rent

Asian movies are incomplete without a little action on drugs and criminal cartels. With the rampant criminal activity in Asia, Extreme Job captures law agents on the ground following up on drug trails left by an organized cartel. Their surveillance location is a fried chicken joint which later turns out to become very successful.

The movie was created for action-comedy lovers so feel free to get your copy on Amazon.

Plot Summary:

In an attempt to redeem their credit due to a failed mission, a group of detectives goes down on a narcotics syndicate. They choose a fried chicken joint to be their stakeout location. However, they later learn that the business is failing and might be closed soon. The detectives then decide to buy the joint. Soon, their chicken recipe makes the enterprise a hit that everyone talks about in the town.

Are they able to keep up with their detective jobs or will they shift attention to the uprising business?

Main cast:

5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now image 7

Lee Hanee as (Jang) detective

Ryu Seung-ryong as (Chief Go)

Jin Seon-kyu as (Detective Ma)

Gong Myung as (Detective Jae-hoon)

Lee Dong-Hwi as (Young-ho) detective

4.The Divine Fury

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Released: 21st July 2019

Genre: Horror| Action| Thriller

Director: Joo-hwan Kim

Rating: 6.1

Price: $3.99 to rent

Religion remains one of the mysteries yet to be understood by mankind. Some are believers while others are not. Have you ever dreamed about divine powers and how to get them? This movie will reveal a few mysteries about divine powers, demonology, and other creepy stuff leaving in the shadows.

Plot Summary:

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Yong-hoo is a talented martial-art professional with a troubled childhood after his parent’s death. This turns him against God, creating deep hatred. He channels the anger to MMA battling and becomes very good at it. Yong later develops stigmata and is made to seek interventions from a priest, Father Ahn. The wounds beat a demon and Father Ahn decides to partner with Yong to exorcise Korean demons.

Main cast:

Park Seo-Joon as (Yong-hoo)

Ahn Sung-ki as (Father Ahn)

Sim Hee-Seop as (Fr. Kim)

5.Mr. Zoo

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Released: 22nd January 2020

Genre: Comedy| Action

The Director: Kim Tae-Yoon

Rating: 5.4

Price: $1.99 to rent

It is one of those family fun-time movies for family movie nights. If you love action and comedy, this movie is a combination of both with silly occurrences and a happy ending. However, critiques have brought out their views about the movie. Most of them claim that the movie is based upon a no longer interesting idea of talking with animals. Do you remember the movie Dr. Dolittle (starring Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man)?

Mr. Zoo embraces a similar idea. You can find it on Amazon and see what you’ll think.

Plot Summary:

This movie features a national security (NIS) agent who attains supernatural powers to talk to animals after an accident. Mr. Tae-ju has the responsibility of guarding a VIP transit from China. An unfortunate accident occurs on the way and the VIP goes missing. And when he wakes up, Tae discovers that he can speak to animals. Mr. Tae originally hated animals but now he can get help from Ali (the military dog), to get the missing person. This helps him change his mind about them.

Main cast:

5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now image 11

Lee Sung-Min (Tae Ju)

Kal So-Won (Seo-Yeon)

Kim Seo-Hyung (Director Min)

Bae Jeong-Nam (Man-Sik)

6.Exit: There’s no way out!

5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now image 12

Released: 31st July 2019

Genre: Action| Comedy

Director: Sang Geun Lee

Rating: 7.0

Price: $4.99 to rent

No one can predict tragedy. It just comes when nobody is prepared, and we all have to survive during such times. “Exit,” tells a story about a tragedy that plunges an entire district in Seoul into imminent danger. Find out how the occupants survive.

Plot Summary:

A strange white gas covers an entire district and it’s up to Yong-Nam to save everyone. Yong-Nam is a highly skilled rock climber whose job search doesn’t go well. He is forced to depend on his old parents. During his mother’s 70th birthday, Yong-Nam wishes to celebrate near his crush Eui-Ju.

5 Best Korean Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now image 13

That’s when disaster happens; a white cloud engulfs the whole district. Yong’s climbing skills are put to test and he must now work with Eui-Ju to save everyone. Can they do it?

Main cast:

Jo Jung-suk (Yong-nam)

Im Yoon-ah (Eui-ju)

There are hundreds of Korean movies out there dating back from the 1900s.

This Korean movie industry has grown drastically in the last 2 decades and we can expect some more action in the future. The industry still has a long way to go but we have seen their efforts to penetrate newer and larger markets such as the U.S, Europe, and Africa. In a few years to come, their productions will hit greater numbers so don’t miss out on the fun!

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