5 best horror movies on amazon prime

Jun 09



5 best horror movies on amazon prime


 A movie night isn’t complete without a good scare. Amazon prime is the best place to look for top-quality horror movies. Are you craving to watch a horror classic? Or one with blood splashes or the dead haunting the living? There are movies for every one of your movie crazes on amazon prime. There are regular updates of horror movies here from skeletons of the dead to zombies, vampires, witches, voodoo, horror-comedy, and lot more. There’s plenty to choose from. 

Nobody likes searching through an endless list of horror movies, so we have picked out for you a handful of the 5 best horror movies on amazon prime. Full up your popcorn bowl, relax and get your horror movies rolling. 


Abigail haunting plot:

The Abigail haunting horror movie was released on 27th march 2020. It was released first in the US. This movie tells the story of a young woman who is running from an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. The girl escapes to her foster mother and the home where she grew up. But nothing is the same and her home feels stranger. She tries interacting with her mother who sits in front of the television all day without giving her responses. The scenes in this movie take place near Nevada. The scenes in this movie get fascinating and interesting at every turn.  Katie gets in touch with her foster brother and his son Gavin. It is then that she feels a supernatural power that beckons Gavin and Katie. From then on begins the haunting scenes and whispers from the ghost of a girl. She begins to hear and see strange things that trigger her to search for the mystery behind all the weird happenings. The first apparition of Abigail’s ghost is revealed to Katie. 

The horrific scenes created in the movie are enough to give you the Goosebumps. The special effects of the movie give a spooky eerie experience to its audiences. 


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2.     Satanico :

The satanico movie was released this year by director J.R Curtis.  The movie was shot in freezing temperatures on the icy river. The movie is about two outlaws who get lost in the dense snowy woods.  While trying to find their way out, they come across several obstacles and the heavy snow and blizzards leave them stranded in the woods.  They come across a corpse with a mystery to solve.  They soon find that the corpse is buried with gold nearby.  Parting the gold away from the dead body is a move that they soon regret.  The two outlaws get haunted by the ghost and attacks are made on them which make them realize they shouldn't have stolen the gold from the dead man. This is a movie for adventure seekers looking for a thrill and horror.  It is full of suspense and shot with a western style that soon builds up the adrenaline. The movie was directed by J.R Curtis. 

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3.   The house at the end of time:

If you are looking for a movie that gets your heart beating wildly with horror,  then the house at the end of time is a must watch.  This movie is about a mother who murdered her husband and was punished with imprisonment for 30 years. Once she serves her sentence, she returns back home only to be haunted by evil spirits and their supernatural powers.  She thought her miserable life was over after her imprisonment, but instead she once again finds herself facing nightmares with the supernatural.  She is forced to face the events that made her commit the crime of murder on her husband. It is then that she goes on to unravel the secrets and mysteries surrounding the home that she married and went into. The movie is all about time travel and the convergence of supernatural powers to the day and time of the murder.  This is a Spanish film directed by Alejandro Hidalgo. This movie comes with English subtitles that enable you to follow the events. It starrs Ruddy Rodriguez,  Gonzalo  Cubero and Rosmel Bustamante  as the main characters in the  movie. 

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4.  Alone:

This is Hindi horror movie directed by Bhushan Patel and starring Bipasha Basu,  Karan Singh Grover and Zakir Hussain as the main characters. This movie comes with English subtitles that tell the gripping story of how an evil spirit haunts and tries to steal Sanjana's husband. The movie focuses on the evil effects of jealousy and how it not only affects the living but also continuous to haunt after death. Sanjana and Anjana are conjoined twins who undergo a surgery.   While Anjana dies, her sister Sanjana survives the surgery and goes on  to enjoy life with her boyfriend Kabir.  Later they get married and her sister Anjana’s  ghost comes back to haunt them, steal their happiness and  tries to take away her husband from her as well. Bipasha Basu portrays the haunted life in a gripping mysterious way.  The ghostly songs too bring out an eerie charm to the movie.  It gets you squirming in your seat as you watch the twins falling in love with the same man with a wicked twist to it. 

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5.  Demon house:

If the above movies didn't give you the creeps, then the demon house is sure to get your hairs standing up. The demon house was directed by Zak Bagans. He also acts in this film alongside Doctor Barry Taff and father Michael Maginot.  The demon house is all about a haunted home located in Indiana.  The purchase is done over the phone and the transactions are done online.  It is only when the owner moves into his new home does he realize that something is amiss  there.  Being a paranormal investigator himself, our hero tries to solve the mysteries behind the demonic forces that lurk in his home. 


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Now that you got hold of the best horror movies, sign up for amazon prime and get all of your horror movies streaming from the comfort of your home.  Lean back on your couch settle in for the spooky scenes that get you screaming in horror as you watch each of these movies. 



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