5 Best Gifts for Video Game Lovers in 2019

Dec 07, 2019

Gifting games to a gamer is different than gifting games for that game set. Yes, when you see someone enjoy the game it’s not the mode that they play on such as Play Station, Xbox and so on. It’s the game that they play and enjoy the most. If you know any such gamer in your life or you are a gamer yourself then we will ensure you that this will blow your mind as we have researched and tailored these top 5 videos games that you did love to play or gift it to someone you really love. Let’s delve into this gaming world and explore the best out of it.

Mortal Kombat Version 11 for PlayStation 4 (PS4 Games)

Get Mortal Kombat Version 11 for PlayStation 4 as it comes with all the new and custom characters that are in variations to give you an unprecedented command over the fighters to get them customized the way you want and make them completely yours. There is an engine that has new graphics helping you to showcase the eye popping and skull shattering moments. It will bring you closer as possible to the fight that will make you feel the fight for real. It has featured a roster that is available for returning Klassic and new fighters in the game. This is one best Mortal Kombat's class story with cinematic mode that continues the saga which is epic and running for over 25 years.


Buy Mortal Kombat Version 11 for $28.00.

Call of Duty: Standard Edition for Xbox One Modern Warfare [Digital Code]


Get Call of Duty Standard Edition for Xbox One Modern Warfare [Digital Code] as the Modern Warfare is one of the most dramatic and visceral single player campaign stories and the stakes are pretty high here as thee player has to take the role of the operator lethal Tier in the saga of heart racing that will have an effect at global level of balance in the power. This is an ultimate experience of online playground that comes with multiplayer classic to enhance the game experience. Play cooperatively and then Squad-up in collection operations that are elite and it is accessible to the skill levels that are of all types. This is an edition that is digital and it comes with a custom tactical knife in game, modern warfare, and one XRK Pack of Weapons.

Buy Call of Duty Standard Edition for $59.99.

Just Dance Nintendo Standard Switch Edition 2020


If you love dancing then get Just Dance Nintendo Standard Switch Edition 2020 as after mentioning games that are too brutal and might look like it is designed for only men, here is another game that keeps going on the party. There are forty new hot tracks that will let you enjoy to the fullest such as Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Unknown song from Frozen 2. There are unlimited FREE dance songs that are over 500 Plus and, in the purchase, there is one month for free trial that is inclusive of all the benefits. You can also create your own playlist and then customize it as per your parties of "Just Dance". There is also a kid mode available that has newly made kid friendly tunes and songs that will give an experience that is fun for even the young players. There is a mode called All Stars and this one plays 10 songs that you have just dance on games and that will unlock some really exclusive rewards.

Buy Just Dance Nintendo for $24.99.

Spider-Man Game for PlayStation 4


Get Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 because this spider man is of Marvel that comes with abilities of doing acrobatics and there is a lot of improvisation and slinging on the web that the crawler on the wall is pretty famous for. At the same time, they have also introduced some never seen or imagined before elements that you will get to see in this game of Spider Man. What if they are just testing what to put in the next Spider man movie? It could be possible that you get to see something first before the Marvel fans will. The ultimate game of Spider man is created to experience all the latest and new adventures everyone has been looking forward to.


Buy Spider-Man Marvel's Game for $31.36.

Jedi Star Wars for Xbox One Fallen Order


Get Jedi Star Wars for Xbox One which is the edition of Fallen Order for real while even the digital one is available for the same price. Without Star Wars our list of games would have not completed as this is one of the latest games released in the year of 2019. The cinematic experience will impress you to the core and delivers the innovative lightsaber fighter fantasy of being Jedi will come true as the combat system is parrying, striking, and dodging with has been partnered with a powerful suite that has force abilities. Need for leverage that will overcome all the obstacles that are standing in your way. This is new story that will begin as a former padawan who is running an empire and you will get to complete the training before getting into the Imperial Inquisitors that will discover your revive plan for the Jedi. It will showcase the haunted jungles, ancient forest, and all the unique biomes along with windswept faces of rock. The galaxy is waiting for you.

Buy Jedi Star Wars for Xbox One for $59.99.

That is the all kind of games list for you which will fit perfectly for any kind of gamer. If it is someone who enjoy hardcore gaming that has brutal fight scenes, or someone who loves to do physical activity while playing then we have featured dancing game for them, and how can we forget the movie goes who loves to relive to characters for years through becoming that character in the game. 


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