5 Best family movies on Amazon Prime:

May 21

Bonding with family isn't complete without watching a good movie with your loved ones at home.  Families generally look for entertainment options that are affordable and suitable to watch.  If you have an Amazon Prime account you might be wondering which family movies to choose from.  Good movies can be quite entertaining if each of your family members is able to watch it no matter how old they may be. Amazon Prime is the perfect place to stream all of your family entertainment movies.  There is an extensive collection of family movies to choose from.  Subscribers on Amazon Prime can watch some of these movies for free while others need to be paid for or rented before watching.  The movies on our list are perfect for family members of all age groups whether you may be an aged person, teenagers or even kids. 


Troop zero:

Troop zero is the ultimate action movie for families available on Amazon Prime.  The movie takes you back to the year 1977 in a rural town in Georgia.  It is centered on a young girl who has dreams of how her life should be. What's interesting is that she has this craze of going on adventures to outer space and being one of the first kids on a mission.  She goes on to participate in a national competition where she gets the opportunity to fulfill her dream.  She brings together a team that has the same enthusiasm for exploring space. The focus of the movie is centered on the characters and brings out the innocence of childhood. Troop zero is a fun and entertaining movie that gets you interested at every turn and crying tears of joy with your family. Troop zero was directed by Bert and Bertie. It starrs Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, and McKenna Grace.  It comes with English subtitles that your family can easily understand.

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2.                  The Ash lad:  in the Hall Of The Mountain King:

If you are looking for some adventure and thrills in a movie, then the Ash lad: in the hall of the Mountain King should be on your list.  The main character in this movie is Espen, teasingly called as the Ash lad. He is the son of a poor farmer, and hence his name. The movie tells of how he and his brothers embark on an adventure to save a beautiful princess. They cross the wilderness and mountainous terrains as they search high and low for the missing princess who they believe was captured and held prisoner by the Mountain King. There is a reward announced for those who can save the princess and bring her back under the protection of the palace. Our young Hero is courageous and brave on his dangerous quest to save not just his family's farm from poverty and ruin but also for the sake of the princess.  This movie was directed by Mikkel Braenne Sandemose. It starrs Vebjorn Enger, Eili Harboe, Mads Sjogard Pettersen.

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3.                   Doolittle:

Doolittle is an entertaining movie for the entire family.  It is not just funny and adventurous but creates a thrilling ambience as you watch it in your living room.  It tells the story of an eccentric Doctor Doolittle who embarks to a mythical island far away from home.  The adventures and the overall character of Doctor Doolittle are humorous courageous and witty.  The background and animal animations give your kids the ultimate entertainment experience.  Each of the characters in the film has their own vibrant personalities.  Doctor Doolittle movie has it all from Action to adventure, humor, mystery, panoramic views of the jungles, and more that gives you the warm fuzzies right from the start to the end.  This movie is highly recommended for indoor family time.   Your kids will be delighted with this movie especially if they are fans of Robert Downey.  The producers of this movie are Susan Downey, Joe Roth, and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum.  The movie was directed by Stephen Gaghan and starrs Robert Downey, Antonio Banderas, and Michael Sheen as the main characters.

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4.                  Kindness matters:

‘Kindness matters’ movie comes with a bit of spicy on-screen romance and an inspiring story for kids.  It was directed by Craig McMahon and starrs Bill Wetherill, Aaron Gin-Forsberg, Raine  Hartman Forsberg.  This movie teaches kids many valuable lessons to learn from life and to become better human beings.  It is centered on Lincoln, a young lad bullied at school by his friends and anywhere he goes.  It's the way he interacts with others that gets him in trouble and at the brunt of jokes.  He believes in being a superhero and contributing his little bit to help others and the opportunity comes in the form of a lonely man with a stranded puppy.  The storyline is all about kindness and making an impact on life through it.  The movie depicts how kindness brings people together and they stay motivated for a common cause.  Kindness can be found in different forms and different people in an Unexpected way.

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5.                   Zookeeper:

The Zookeeper movie is an enchanting one with wild animals, rustic scenes and a sense of adventure.  It was directed by Frank Coraci and starrs Adam Sandler, Bas Rutten, and Cher.  It is a comedy movie for kids with English subtitles that enable them to follow the scenes in detail.  The zookeeper movie is centered on Franklin Park zoo and the animals there. The animal characters in this movie talk and interact with Griffin Keyes, the zookeeper, and share their deepest secrets to him. The interactions between the animals and Griffin are lively and entertaining that brings out the best exclamations from your kids.

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Now that you have the best family movies on Amazon Prime, gather together your loved ones in front of the television for a fun-filled movie night. Each of these movies is visually charming, engaging, and introduces you to a whole new world of movie thrills. Your kids will surely thank you for it. 


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