5 Best Bluetooth Headphones That Costs Less Than $100

Jun 02

Headphones are often used to get disconnected from the real world and the crowd surrounding you and these best Bluetooth headphones under 100 helps you to do so. Also, when the Bluetooth headphones connected with your smartphone allows you to get private calls and various other options but they are pretty expensive. What if the person is on a limited budget?

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Well, we have got some fantastic headphones just for you that will not disappoint you and get the best results at the lowest cost. There are various questions that arise whenever someone wants to buy a nice budgeted headphone is that are these headphones really good if they are priced under $100? or how about their battery life? or are they good enough to travel around with? Well, we have covered all these concerns below.

Sennheiser 4.40 HD

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The very first on our list is Sennheiser's headphones that are coming in the budgeted headphone and yet they will give you a feel of being an expensive product. The design of the headphone is made to cover your ears instead of sitting inside your ears. This will allow reducing the background noise for you and let you concentrate on the track or audio call. On the earcups, there are controls mounted that allow the user to change the music easily as well accept the calls with tip of the finger. With a single time charging the battery, the user can play tracks or be on call for about 25 hours. However, you have a cable in case you want to use it longer than that. These headphones are great for trains, flights, or a casual day at college or school.

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Anker Soundcore

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The Anker Soundcore falls second on our list because of the comfort it offers with lightweight and providing a feeling of being absolutely free. The headphones use pioneering technology for audio that provides accurate and clear audio with wonderful bass. The microphones consist of noise-cancellation that will help the background noise almost vanish. The sound is enhanced and the microphone with the noise-cancelling feature will ensure that the battery of the headphones lasts for more than five hours. Moreover, you will receive a charging case along with these headphones that will ensure your playtime to be 20 hours. There are touch controls integrated that will allow you to pause, skip, play, and answer the phone calls with absolute ease.

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JLab JBuds

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These are interesting wireless buds for enjoying audio at the lowest cost and great quality. These earbuds allow you to save a lot of bucks in your wallet along with giving you the quality you receive after spending a lot of money on expensive brands. The product is designed with sound quality that is integrated with custom EQ3 which will allow the user to be in control when it comes to the sound. No application is required to balance the bass or boost it. There is an auto-connect feature incorporated in the earbuds that will help you to do one less step and listen to the tracks by just simply removing the earbuds from the case of charging.

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Soundcore X Spirit Sports

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These earphones are created for people who are fitness lovers as it is an in-ear designed. The Soundcore X Spirit Sports will easily get fixed in your ear canal while the wrap can go behind your neck to keep the earphones properly in pace. These are built with a rating of IP68 waterproof and dustproof protection that allows you to take them on a run, under the rain, sweating in the gym without having any trouble using them. The battery of these headphones can last for about 18 hours without charging again. This device has successfully achieved high-capacity power of the battery and integrated with the lowest consumption power chipset. This chipset allows the user to get three hours’ time to listen to their tracks while charging the device for just 10 minutes.

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Marshall Major

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Marshall Major is great for those who love to travel while playing music or listening to a podcast related to entertainment, business or anything with good quality. The headphones use aptX Bluetooth that provides you with an outstanding quality of sound. The movement freedom is essential whenever you choose a headphone as you travel, the range of the Bluetooth is upto 30 feet which is amazing. Additionally, you get listen to the headphones without charging for 30 hours, isn't that fantastic? Also, the sound is amazing because of the dynamic drivers of 40 mm that is tuned in to enhance the clear highs, bass, and to keep the mids smooth. Additionally, there are controls such as shuffle, pause, volume, play, and more that are provided by a knob that is multi-directional. In fact, users can simply decline or accept the calls without using any wires or even smartphone nearby.

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Wrap Up

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Given all the options above, you know that you can get the best quality earbuds under $100. However, before you go ahead to buy any of these best Bluetooth headphones under 100, make your mind regarding the features you want in your headphones.  For instance, being comfortable essential if you plan to listen to music for long hours. But for some users, penetration could be an important factor as it reduces the ambient noise. 

Apart from that, the weight of your headphones will also reflect on how comfortable you feel wearing those headphones. People often get confused between wired ones and wireless because it’s easy to choose between them but they get confused when the Bluetooth headphones are connected themselves with the wires and not with the device such as smartphone. Well, the simple answer is that you need to find a decent headphone that will utilize Bluetooth technology to the best.

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