10 Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video

May 21

In this post, we will illustrate a list of 10 best thriller movies on Amazon Prime Video to watch this month. Amazon Prime Video is amongst the most popular online video streamers. Its scale has uplifted especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you love to enjoy thrillers, here’s the collection of best thriller films (Bollywood and Hollywood) that you can enjoy in your quarantine time.

Watching a thriller and suspense-driven movie is extreme excitement. The unpredictable scenes in the film let you glued to the screen until the end. Further, this genre is also much-liked by the audience because of their deeper insights into human psychology. With interesting concepts and doubts in mind, people love to binge-watch the thrillers with their nails under teeth.


10 Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Following is the great composition of popular and fiction-drama movies currently ruling the Amazon Prime Video platform. Hopefully, you will find all the 10 thrillers at the apex of the suspense. Enjoy!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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At first, we recommend to you the movie, in which Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have worked in tandem. Further, you should never miss the Quentin Tarantino thriller that is based on the early 60s time. It is the story of a guy, who starred on television, and struggles for establishing a name for himself as an actor. Further, the film’s story covers multiple twists and turns alongside some wacky actions as well.

Shot Caller

The story of the ‘Shot Caller’ tells how a tiny mistake can obtain a blunder and disaster in one’s life. Jacob Harlon, the central attraction of the story, witnessed an abrupt disaster in his life that forced him to pave a different way of his life.

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What was the havoc? Well, he runs over a red light, which causes him a big blunder in the form of his friend’s death. After that, Jacob was convicted by the respective authorities and observed a plea deal on his lawyer’s advice. It results in the prison of Harlon, where he experienced the hardest facet of life. There is no choice for him except for adapting to the circumstances to survive.


War is filmed under one of the Bollywood banners, which portrays Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in the primary role. Further, both took the stage to create suspense until the last scene. The story of the thriller revolves around the animosity and partnership of the duo that triggers up as the movie progresses.

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Both Hrithik and Tiger are well-shaped physically with muscular body tone. You must watch this Hindi thriller on Amazon Prime Video if you have missed it at cinemas.

The Report

The Hollywood thriller was released in 2019, which is based on a true story. It is directed by reputed screenwriter and producer Scott Z. Burns. The political tale casts Adam Driver and Annette Bening as stars besides Tim Blake Nelson, Jon Hamm, Corey Stoll and others.

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Adam Driver acts as Daniel Jones, who was assigned a task by his boss to enquire the CIA’s post 9/11 interrogation. He finds something shocking in his investigation that inhuman abuses that are practicing in the name of preventing terror attacks. He further strived hard to uncover the truth and bring it to light.


It is another well-crafted Bollywood thriller filmed in Maharashtra. Directed by Rahi Anil Barve (debut), TUMBBAD involves the story of three generations of Konkansatha Brahmin family. They found ancestral treasure, jinxed by gods, that leads the story to unpredictable suspense.

Alongside being a well-conceived thriller video, the film also gives a slight feeling of horror. 

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Therefore, it is amongst the deadliest horror-thriller movies that you should watch as soon as possible on Amazon Prime Video.

Good Time

Released in 2017, ‘Good Time’ is a story of two brothers, Nick and Connie. They are robbers and go out in New York at night to grab an easy score. In the ended, both messed up with a bank robbery to recover $65,000 in their pockets.

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In an effort to escape, their car was blasted. During the accident, Connie managed to flea while his brother Nick was caught by the policeman. Now, Connie was frustrated and wanted to take his brother out of prison as soon as possible. He tied to find a way to escape his brother and started gathering money for the purpose.


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Raazi stars Alia Bhatt in collaboration with the beautifully-directed thriller scenes. It is a story of an Indian spy to got married to one of Pakistan’s Army Generals to enter Pakistan surface.

Alia played the lead role, which is entirely different from his previous ones. It has various suspenseful scenes throughout the story that would leave you on the verge of your seat. It is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Knock Knock

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As compared to the rest of the movies on the list, ‘Knock Knock’ is a different story. Keanu Reeves plays the lead role in this Hollywood thriller. He plays a dedicated father and husband. Furthermore, he opens his door for two girls who are claiming to be stranded. But eventually, the story shifts around abruptly when they start blackmailing him.

The Handmaiden

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‘The Handmaiden’ is a psychological thriller, directed by astute filmmaker Part Chan-wook. It is the story of the time when Japan was under Korean custody. The story revolves around a con-man who wants to marry a rich heiress to lodge her wealth as his own and then enjoy flamboyant life. For it, he hires a handmaiden to convince her to marry with the man as soon as possible.


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It is another suspense-based story revolved around Amir Khan, a police officer in the film. He was hurt with his son’s death and also trying to solve a mysterious death case of an actor simultaneously. On the opposite side, Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor Khan are in the supporting role. If you love to enjoy thrillers, this must be on your list.



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