​ViewSonic XG3220 32" 4K Gaming Monitor

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The $450 32” ViewSonic XG3220 is gaming display that is designed for consoles and PCs alike, to deliver some of the most ideal features game lovers will appreciate, such as 4K videos resolution, FreeSync for smooth gaming at HDR support and any frame-rate. It is quite solid on its own merit, but what makes it sell, I think is its price. For not more than $499, you have a 32” gaming monitor and an amazing 4K video resolution as well and lots of friendly features and performance for game lovers. Generally, the ViewSonic XG3220 Monitor is among the most ideal gaming monitors that you can get in the market.


There is a particular look that comes on any item made for game lovers. It comes with plenty of sharp, too much glossy dark plastic, a bulk serving of the LED accent lighting with angular lines. The ViewSonic XG3220 monitor somehow manages to give some limitation to the common gaming design and is still able to check all the boxes.

Its front is pretty plain, with a 0.5” bezels all round the monitor and decorated with a less sophisticated badge at the center-right below its panel. The monitor has funky angles, and plummet boomerang-shape insets at the back which gives it stylized X look throughout the rear side of the ViewSonic XG3220 monitor, but a lot of the matte black angular design, with red XG logo and glossy accents to show that the display unit is one of ViewSonic's production line.

Its stand is made of an RGB light accent, though it works as an indicator, while a different red light flash shows a cut out hole to manage the cables. A fold away hook used to hang your gaming headset if not being used is also built-in in the stand.

That stand is very flexible and is very adjustable, from the more productivity-minded and ergonomic adjustments to other adjustments such as the side-to-side rotation and tilt, like the height and pivot to turn the display to portrait orientation.

In case you don't need the stand, then ViewSonic XG3220 could be attached to the end of a display arm or used together with 100-mm by 100-mm VESA mount which hangs on the wall. This display alone weighs 11 lbs and measuring 28.6” x 16.8” x 3.0”, so the monitor is supposed to work properly with most aftermarket mountings that are compatible.

Interface and Ports

At the rear side of the display, you will get a single Display Port 1.2 connection and HDMI 2.0 ports, with a microphone and headphone jack to connect speakers or headphones. All the ports face downwards, which makes it a bit easier when you are trying to reach and plug in speakers, headphones or other devices. There is also a USB 3.0 connection at the rear side of the device to hook it to the PC and 2 USB ports. The ViewSonic XG3220 has 4 in total, on the side, you will find 2 other USB 3.0 ports.

Gaming Performance

This monitor is made with the consideration of game lovers, from an anti-glare hard-coat which keeps off the reflections from the display to the 60-Hz refresh rate and the 3840 by 2160 resolution.

When I played Hitman II on this monitor, the high resolution points out every tiny detail of that game was quite impressive. The Florida racetrack full of people and the complicated environment details, everything seemed clear and crisp. The colors were vibrant as well as the scenes drenched in the sun.

Best Games in 2019

The monitor's High-Dynamic-range support makes it ideal compared to the other pedestrian standard dynamic-range monitors, but it would be better. But the display supports HDR 10 for the high-dynamic-range content and games, this is achieved by doing some software tricks and works like the ten-bit color required for true HDR 10 support and dithering to give it the 8-bit color look.

It handles quick action, even with the refresh rate of 60-Hz. When I played Ruiner, a very fast-`paced, dual-stick top-down shooter, the display was very good, and never looked choppy at some point. Would high frame rate support be any better? Though it would lead to a costly display.

The ViewSonic XG3220 boasts of AMD Free Sync support as well, so matching the refresh rate of the monitor to the GPU output is a breeze and removes the judder and tearing that is as a result of the graphics card and the panel not being in sync.

Features and Modes

ViewSonic designs the display unit with quite some decent variety of features, which is extended to the gaming built-in modes.

The game modes Presented are accessible for RTS, MOBA and FPS games, and for the game consoles also. They also have 3 custom alternatives that could be controlled to the precise settings that you need for a particular use case or game. There is also a Game Lite mode, that minimizes the number of images being processed to provide for faster responsiveness and shorter lag times.

The on-screen-display of the XG3220 also provides fast access to the settings for color adjustments, contrast, volume control, a deep setup menu, and input selection.

Audio quality

This ViewSonic XG3220 monitor has two 5-watt built-in speakers that offer stereo sound. The speakers are not that loud, and its sound could be a bit tinny, even though if you are looking to play without using headphones when gaming, they should work perfectly.


The monitor has managed to be 2 things at the same time. It is a nice concrete gaming monitor boasting of 4K videos, strong gaming efficiencies, and FreeSync support, on the one hand. And on another hand, they cost not more than $499, which makes it more affordable compared to most competitors boasting of the same features. This combination makes a perfect blend of price and capability, particularly for the 32” panel that is spacious.

While this monitor delivers the most value for your money, the monitor has some flaws, such as the grayish-look of black levels and middling High-Dynamic-Range performance, and also the relatively weaker speakers. You get a richer color and better efficiencies on monitors such as Acer Predator X34, though it is pretty costly also. Although if you are looking for 4K video resolution for your gaming needs on consoles and PCs, then it is definitely fit for you, and it is my new best FreeSync monitor.

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